Users denounce mismanagement and neglect of the Hospital Plato Araújo

Service and lack of infrastructure are among the main complaints.
24/08/2016 14h41 - Updated 24/08/2016 15h25
Photo: disclosure

MANAUS – Escorts of patients seen at the Hospital and Emergency Room Doctor Aristotle Plato Bezerra de Araujo, They reported last week to AM POST, the care they had in hospital. One of them was accompanying his mother to urgent care and emergency, and described problems ranging from the initial care to the poor condition of toilets and drinkers, requiring repairs. The hospital is located on the avenue Autaz Mirim, Jorge Teixeira and is managed by Mr.. José Diniz Filho.

“There is nothing positive in that place, that looked like a war zone. A chain reaction of pure lack of common sense and concern for others' lives” said the whistleblower, who declined to be identified the name. He also described problems in meeting, people being served and waiting in the corridors, and arrogance of staff.

Another whistleblower who was in hospital in June, He said it is common to see servers and even doctors talking or typing on mobile, while patients awaiting care or medicine.

Sought by the report the State Department of Health (Sesame) He said it does not carry the information that the hospital is in very poor conditions of service. On the care of patients in the hallway, the direction informs that especially on weekends there is an increased demand, so occasionally some patients waiting in the hallway to be treated in clinics.

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