Vanessa Grazziotin to defend Dilma murderous Portuguese and poetry with poor rhyme; watch

Grazziotin needed only 17 words and seven seconds for a spectacular barrel roll.
10/08/2016 15h16 - Updated 11/08/2016 08h28
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Amazon PCdoB Senator of the, Vanessa Grazziotin, He skidded spectacularly in Portuguese in session Tuesday(9), during another discurseira Berrada in defense away President Rousseff and tireless attempt to try to stretch the impeachment of PT.

“(…) as a PRESIDENT innocence It is removed from power by mere political decision of a majority circumstantial ... ", said Sen..

In addition to the raucous "President acquit" the brave defender of Dilma not content and used in his speech to the junction of two words and so tortured poetry with the poorest rhyme of all time and confirmed that the lone neuron is contagious.

See the video:

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