City Council Manaus reverberate trial of impeachment

Wilker Barreto, considered a historic moment of a page that needs to be turned in the political and economic scenario of the country.
29/08/2016 14h41 - Updated 30/08/2016 09h34
PHOTO: Robervaldo ROCK / CMM

The defense away President Dilma Rousseff in the impeachment trial held, on the morning of Monday (29), the Senate had passed the Town Hall of Manaus (CMM), during the plenary session, where councilors of the base and opined opposition and against regarding the process.

The issue came to light with the speech of the president of CMM, Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS), which it considered a historic moment of a page that needs to be turned in the political and economic scenario of the country. "I regret that the Dilma government is remembered in economics textbooks as the second lost decade, and the first, occurred in 1980, It was caused when the initiated economic fundamentals and practiced by former President Itamar Franco were despised ", said Barreto.

In evaluating Wilker Barreto, what Brazil currently lives has a bitter taste, but maturing democracy, saying that the senators of the Republic has an important mission to return to Brazilian hope, more than, for this to occur, the current chairman, Michel Temer, You need to have the courage to do the pension changes, tax and labor to put the country on the path of growth, warning that Temer need to make a government with measures in the medium and long term.

Councilman Roberto Sabino (PROS) He said he was pleased with the possibility of impeachment, since the Dilma government has not brand / good legacy for the country, pointing to losses Security areas, Health and Economy, with unemployment 50 thousand people only in the Amazon, the result of poor management in Brazil.

For Councilman Teacher Samuel (PHS), the losses to the priority areas in the country - fruit of budget cuts in education, Health, CAP Dilma, and the increase in energy 40% for the state longer justify preventing process. In his speech yet, parliamentary cited the BR-319 was "stop" during the 13 years of management of the PT and 50 thousand jobs lost in the Manaus Free Trade Zone.

In turn, Councilman Elias Emanuel mentioned that the Dilma government "buried" a project, It was successful: the Amazon Biotechnology Center (CBA), to be the PSDB initiative, turning it into "white elephant" in Manaus. councilman, still, lamented closing of businesses and reduction in the number of employees in the industrial district during the government of President Dilma Rousseff. "Brazil needs to get out of Travanca, regrow. We are greater than those political hassles that sunk the nation ", He stressed Elijah Emanuel.

When considering the impeachment Dilma is an elite coup, Waldemir Jose (PT) He argued that democracy should be egalitarian and without social class, to point out that President Dilma makes an important speech to the nation head high, Unlike previous governments resigned and even suicide. Given the situation, Waldemir Joseph ended his speech by saying that the president is a warrior of the Brazilian people and democracy.
On the same line, Councilman Teacher Bibiano (PT) highlighted, in his speech, the international press, to look at the government offside process Dilma, "Screams" that there is an ongoing scam.

The parliamentarian stressed that, the Senate audit, It has been proven that there was no crime of responsibility,, therefore, the process of impeachment is not justified, as all other managers made use of tax pedaling, including the current President Michel Temer is taking the same measures and not so Senate / Congress is accused of committing a crime committed.

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