City Council Manaus: today councilwoman is Therezinha Ruiz

Therezinha already was secretary Semed, when it was accused of improper conduct due to rental cars.
08/08/2016 08h14 - Updated 8/08/2016 08h14
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AM POST presents on Monday (8), in the series 'City Council Manaus', Councilwoman Therezinha Ruiz (THE), also known as 'Professor Therezinha', which it was already state deputy and exercises his first term as councilor. She is currently president of Manaus of the City Council Education Committee (CMM).

Therezinha was accused of improper conduct appointed by the Amazonas State Court (TCE-AM), when I was the head of the City Department of Education (semed), exercise 2009. The parliament was accused of practicing damage to public coffers due to rental cars. There were a number of irregularities as: different technical specification required in the trading day notice, renewal of contracts with outdated vehicles or with higher prices to market, generating an expense of R $ 1,4 million.

Even the prosecutor Amazonas State (MP-AM) also have pointed pending the rendering of the then secretary accounts, in June this year, the Amazon Court (TJAM) acquitted on charges of councilwoman.

In June this year, TCE-AM released a list of managers and former managers who have pending with the body and because of this, They could be ineligible, the name Terezinha Ruiz was on the list.

While chairing the Education Committee in the CMM and a teacher, Councilwoman do not like much of his fellow teachers to be the base of the Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB) and always defender, support or shut up on the projects and executive decisions, not benefiting as they should professionals. An example is the adoption of the salary adjustment 9,28% for a category, which was approved by the House in two installments this year. The first paid in the first half and the other only next year. Even with demonstrations, requests and appeals teachers, the proposal that the adjustment granted in installments was approved with the help of Therezinha.

Regarding the controversy about overpricing in rented buildings by the city for operating schools, Therezinha the teacher avoided talking about it and when he spoke it was in defense of the version of the Hall, that there is any overpricing in relation to the buildings where they work some teaching units in the capital.

Early 2013, Councilwoman appeared on the list of councilors who used all odds resort to the exercise of the Parliamentary Activity (pad) no amount of R $ 14 thousand of which they are entitled monthly.

In January last year, even at the time of withdrawal, Therezinha was one of the legislators who most used the benefit, but of 99% do valor. Back in December of the same year, she spent a total of R $ 13.996,40, almost the full amount available.

Homage to Garcia Goreth
The mayor's wife Arthur and Municipal Secretary of Social Assistance, Goreth Garcia received in May this year the 'Citizen Diploma of Manaus' by bringing the councilwoman Terezinha.
According to parliamentary, First Lady received the honor for the excellent work done ahead of Semmasdh.

And you reader AM POST agree with that?

The councilwoman Therezinha Ruiz deserves to be re-elected?

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