City Council Manaus: today Councilman Hiram is Nicholas

At the beginning of term in 2013, Hiram figured as one of the most absent councilors. In 2015, elected vice president of CMM presented a proposal to punish defaulters.
01/08/2016 07h12 - Updated 1/08/2016 07h12
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AM POST presents on Monday the population of Manaus, Councilman Hiram Nicholas (PSD), who is in his first term as councilor and is currently vice president of the Municipality of Manaus (CMM). The MP is the brother of state deputy Hiram Nicholas and is faithful ally of the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Neto (PSDB).

Hiram, before being elected to the position of vice president, was ombudsman CMM in Bosco Saraiva management, Current state representative. At the time figure always on lists of the most absent councilors of the House, what changed after being chosen to be vice president of the Legislative House.

During the year 2014, when it was only ouvidor, Nicholas occupied the third position in the ranking of defaulters. He was present in 92 sessions and missed 22, with three unexcused absences and 19 by 'force majeure'.

Then, in January 2015, when he was already vice-president, Hiram presented a proposal to hold always roll call before voting for evidence of the presence of councilors in plenary. The proposal caused controversy among his colleagues in parliament.

That drastic change of attitude is not!? The accustomed to miss entering the reins on behalf of a job and still wanting to give moral lesson to other parliamentary. This is the framework of our municipal representatives.

Hiram injected in his campaign for alderman in the year 2012, A total R $ 244.818, 13, when he was elected to 8.003 votes.


At the beginning of term as councilor, in January 2013, even still in recess, Councilman appeared among the most consumed odds for the Exercise of Parliamentary Activity (pad), resource for the councilmen of R $ 14 thousand a month. Hiram, which was new in the House spent the recess a total of R $ 12 one thousand.

In January 2015, also the parliamentary recess, Hiram appears in the list of the eight councilors who spent a total US $ 112 together thousand of Ceap and every month 2015, Councilman spent R $ 8 thousand with car rental.


Hiram has also been known to deliver co-Parliament to the Mayor Arthur. In 2015, he was called behind the scenes of 'X-9’ by parliamentarians from CMM. Councillors said that he was the main 'informant’ Rio Branco Palace '.

In this year, Hiram is one of competing for the chair of the future president of CMM (biennium 2017-2018), even if you must first ensure his re-election in October.

Dear reader, this councilor deserves to be re-elected?

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