City Council Manaus: today councilman is Professor Samuel

Samuel is a lover councilors proposals that create holidays, awareness weeks and honors.
03/08/2016 07h52 - Updated 3/08/2016 07h52
Photo: Tiago Correa/CMM

This Wednesday (3), AM POST offers its readers another parliamentary series 'City Council Manaus', today is the turn of councilor professor Samuel (PHS). Samuel is in his first term and is another example of councilman little active, owner of a speech 'weak’ and lover of proposals that create holidays, awareness weeks and honors.

Alderman is the author of tenders, for example, that create the Week Valuing Life and the Week of the Child Disarmament. Another proposal is that the parliamentary instituted the 'Elder Day Adventist Church', besides several tributes to the Adventist Church, name of which Samuel is part.

controversial project

The congressman introduced a bill that has been subject of controversy, It is the PL N 294/2015, We want to prohibit employees of commercial establishments talk on the phone while meeting face mode clients. The proposal has been forwarded to sanction the mayor Arthur Neto (PSB) late last month, but before that was questioned by other councilors and went to the agenda at the request of another parliamentary. The project was also the subject of several reviews on social networks.


Early 2015, Councilman appears with a massive expenditure of quota resources for the exercise of the Parliamentary Activity (pad). He spent a total of R $ 1.221,00 in restaurants, pizzerias,cafeterias and fishmonger Full Pan, time of year when the legislative work 2015 just beginning.

In December of the same year, Samuel appears again in the ranking of the fastest spent the Cotão. According to data found in the City of Manaus site (CMM), Councilman used only in December R $ 7 thousand with graphic services.


Samuel was affiliated until last year the Popular Socialist Party, or PPS, old acronym of the former deputy mayor and current Congressman Hissa Abraham but was expelled after vote for mayor based on candidate for the presidency of the Manaus Chamber, disobeying party executive order. Now Alderman is affiliated with the party of the president of CMM, Councilman Wilker Barreto, o PHS.

Reader, this councilor deserves to be re-elected?

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