Wilker Barreto reaffirms commitment to suspend Lint and also honors the CMM, during the election period

Regardless of the recommendation of the Audit prosecutors councilors had decided not to make use of the benefit.
12/08/2016 15h16 - Updated 12/08/2016 16h38
Photo: James Correa (CMM)

The Mayor of Manaus, Councilman Wilker Barreto (PHS) said that regardless of the Accounts of the Public Ministry recommendation, regarding the use of the quota for the Exercise of Parliamentary Activity (pad), during the election period, the councilors had decided not to make use of the benefit in 45 days before the election. Another decision already communicated to councilors was the suspension of tributes in the plenary of the Legislative House.

"This for us is a matter unsuccessful. I talked to the council members still at the beginning of the year and there was a consensus that the CEAP was suspended and now the solemn and special sessions also can no longer be carried out in 45 days before the election, that is, from 15 of August", said Wilker.

In 2014, the counselor Julio Cabral arrived to suspend outright the use of Ceap, by councilors who at the time were disputing the election. In the judgment of merit, Yara Lins adviser who acted as rapporteur, suspended the effects of the injunction and approved the use of the benefit, as the president of CMM had already declared the intention not to make use of CEAP in elections.

"Yara rapporteur in judgment on the merits, considered that as the Chamber had been shown not to promote the transfer of CEAP during election, she did not consider illegal and ensured the implementation of CEAP, within the normal range based on the law 363/2014 ", said Wilker.

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