Opening of the Fatherland Week and the Amazon begins with the traditional Race of Fire Symbolic

The opening ceremony, who started the civic activities, It happened in the Complexo da Ponta Negra.
01/09/2016 16h18 - Updated 2/09/2016 15h41
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Kicking off the celebrations marking the independence of Brazil and the Amazon Rise to the Province of category, the State Government through the State Secretariat for Education and Teaching Quality (SEDUC) officially opened, on the morning of Thursday, 1Th September, the activities of the Week of the country and the Amazon 2016.

The opening ceremony, who started the civic activities, It happened in the Complexo da Ponta Negra, on Avenida Coronel Teixeira, West zone, and was attended by the governor of the state exercise, State Representative Belarmino Lins; the Secretary of State for Education and Teaching Quality, Algemiro Ferreira Lima, as well as civil and military authorities.

Traditionally, the ceremony began with the blessing of the fire Symbolic, conducted by the chaplain of the Amazon Military Command (CMA), Jose Ricardo, held at the Church of Our Lady of Sameiro, on Avenida Coronel Teixeira.
After the blessing, the torch was brought to the hands of the student taissa Alves Nepomuceno, 13, student of the 8th grade of elementary school of the State School Eldah Bitton Telles da Rocha, who started the Race of Fire Symbolic, in which approximately 200 people, among servers, students and teachers from the state and municipal education, They took turns in a five-kilometer route leading to torch, that symbolized the love of country.

For student-athlete taissa, It was a great honor to participate in this very important moment. "Having been chosen among several athletes to be the first to drive the torch is very rewarding. It is a very symbolic moment for every student ", informed student, which is the current gold medalist in Amazonas School Games (JEAs), in shot put mode (child category).

In the complex Ponta Negra, the torch was handed over by the president of the League of National Defense, Rosselberto Himmenes, the governor, Mr Belarmino Lins, who conducted the firing of civic pyre, which will be exposed to the day 7 September in Ponta Negra.

at the ceremony, Secretary of State for Education and Teaching Quality, Algemiro Lima, He stressed the importance of civic celebrations. "Today we started a very happy time, opening the celebrations of the Week of the country and the Amazon. This year, involving more than 7 thousand students, SEDUC is working with the theme 'Education transforming people's lives', showing how quality education can positively influence the lives of children and youth, turning them into better citizens and successful professionals. The traditional school parade will take place on 5 of September, the Sambadrome and the entire community is invited to honor ", said Secretary.

During the ceremony, They were also honored people of reference for its public contribution to the development of the Amazon and Brazil. In this year, were honored as "National Vulto" the artist and writer, Moacir Couto de Andrade; as "State Vulto", the Ritta businesswoman Cassia Araujo Calderaro, and as "Woman Amazonense", Professor Maria das Graças Silva.

Recognized for their reference work in raising children, Amazon and indigenous youth, Professor Maria das Graças Silva, honored this year as "Amazonian Women" Week of the country and the Amazon, He said that the time is very satisfying, it symbolizes the greatness of his role as educator.

"For me it's a happiness such be honored, it represents years of work recognized, since always been directly participating in the Fatherland Week coordination. It is a unique moment in my life as an educator who has contributed so much to the formation of children and young people of our state ", He stressed.

School parade
The Homeland Week schedules will continue the next day 5 of September, date that marks the Amazon Rise to the Province of category. In the morning, 7:30 am, in da Saudade Square (Manaus center), will take place the ceremony of posthumous tribute to João Baptista de Figueiredo Tenreiro Aranha, first president of the Amazon Province.

at 10 am, at the Centro Cultural Palacio Rio Negro, It happens Consular Corps Enforcement of the Amazon to the Governor of the State.

In the afternoon, 17h, the Sambadrome (Convention Center), under the coordination of the State, via the State Department of Education (Seduc), it will be the school fashion show, bringing about 7 thousand students from state and municipal education, as well as students from the private network.

Days 6 e 7
no day 6 of September, at 9 am, on the beach of Ponta Negra, It happens Naval Parade. On Day holiday 7 of September, 8:15, coordinated by the Amazon Military Command (CMA) and with support from the Secretariat and State for Education and Teaching Quality (SEDUC) Ceremonial and State Government, It will be done or Military Parade. The Military Parade will also be at the Convention Center - Sambodromo.

Ending the week of festivities of the country and the Amazon, Muting the solemnity of the Symbolic Fire takes place in the complex Ponta Negra, 17h, and will be coordinated by SEDUC and Freemasonry.

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