Accused by Band cameraman's death go to jury, Decide STJ

Santiago Andrade died in Rio de Janeiro during a demonstration after his head hit by a firecracker.
28/09/2016 09h15 - Updated 28/09/2016 09h15
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The Fifth Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) determined yesterday (27), the accused for the death of cameraman of TV Bandeirantes Santiago Andrade to be tried by the jury in Rio de Janeiro for aggravated murder.

in the decision, Ministers also decided to withdraw the complaint two victim's defense impossibility of aggravating and unworthy motive in the commission of the crime. With understanding, the accused will only respond by use of explosives.

Fábio Raposo and Caio Silva de Souza were denounced by the death of cameraman, after loose a firecracker, which reached the head of the professional. It happened on 6 February 2014, during a demonstration in the Plaza Duque de Caxias, no centro do Rio. Brain death of Santiago was announced four days later.

Ministers deemed public prosecutor's appeal against the decision of the Court of Rio de Janeiro. By analyzing feature of the defense lawyers of the accused, the 8th Chamber of the TJ-RJ understood that heinous crime can not be typified as a possible fraud in the case of the accused. For magistrates, the accused were not aware of the result caused by the rocket's trajectory. With the decision, followed the case for a criminal court and not to the jury.

Source: Agency Brazil

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