Alessandra attacks deputies in the ALE-AM and causes outrage

Mrs insinuated, without naming names, participation of parliamentarians in the health funds deviations. Deputies demanded recantation.
21/09/2016 12h20 - Updated 21/09/2016 12h21
Photo: disclosure

Mrs statements Alessandra Campelo (PMDB) rioted state lawmakers during the session on Wednesday (21) Amazon in the Legislative Assembly (OF-AM). In her testimony Mrs insinuated that had Parliament plenary of the people involved in the funds diversion schemes established in Operation "Bad Paths" Federal Police. no time, several deputies were on the floor and demanded that the deputy "of the name and shame".

The government leader in the House, Mr David Almeida (PSD), said were irresponsible statements by Mrs. "They are insinuations made without any proof, laying under suspicion all parliamentarians of this House. It is a will affront the dignity of all of us ", he said. Mr Serafim Correa (PSB) recalled that the Federal Police reported that, until now, there were no indications of the involvement of elected office occupants in the schemes.

Then, the Platiny Soares Members (THE), Francisco Souza (PTN) and Orlando City (PTN) also sought clarification from Mrs, or even a retraction. "We can not allow or condone criminal organizations. We will support any police operation aimed at clarifying any fact that nature. But we can not allow Paire questions or unfounded insuações. I can not leave here no member a question mark and say that here is someone involved without naming names, no evidence", said Platiny.

In a statement following, Mrs denied that he had hinted at the involvement of Members. David Almeida asked the parliamentary speech images to display them tomorrow, Thursday (22). "She said she did not say, so let's show that she said demanding a retraction ", said Rep.

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