Amazon registers growth in IDEB 2015 and exceeds the target set for the High School

Data released by the INEP point out that Amazon has advanced 5,1 (2013) for 5,5 in the year of 2015.
08/09/2016 18h46 - Updated 8/09/2016 18h46
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The Ministry of Education (GUY) released on Thursday (8), the Education Development Index Basic (Ideb) for the year 2015. The State of Amazonas registered significant growth in all levels of education, highlighting the quality of education in schools of public schools in the capital and in the interior.

Data released by the National Institute of Educational Studies Teixeira (INEP) They point out that Amazon has advanced 5,1 (2013) for 5,5 in the year of 2015 in the early years of elementary school (1Th to 5 th year). In the final years (6Th to 9 th), the public schools had a breakthrough 3,9 (average recorded in 2013) for 4,4 in 2015.

As in the initial and final years of elementary school, Amazon also had a positive increase in the high school level, an increase of 3,0 (2013) for 3,5 (2015). With the average achieved, the state than the average established in the latest edition of IDEB, which was 3,1 and joins the state of Pernambuco, which also exceeded the target set in relation to other Brazilian states. Pernambuco registered index 3,9.

The positive growth of the Amazon in Ideb, according to the director of the Department of Political and Educational Programs of the State Secretariat for Education and Teaching Quality (SEDUC), Roberta Prestes, It must be a whole directed investment to minimize the difficulties presented by the students and the development of activities that would promote learning.

"The results of Ideb show that we have advanced a lot in the quality of education offered. This is due to a redesign of work in the pedagogical part, considering the difficulties presented by our students. We achieved these rates due to an investment in teachers, methodological offices, purchase of teaching materials, among other tools that would allow us to move forward at all educational levels. This shows that the ways that we are working and our challenge is to maintain this positive levels, reaching increasingly favorable results for our education ", said the director Roberta Prestes.

Educational programs

According to the Secretary of State for Education and Teaching Quality, Algemiro Lima, educational programs developed by SEDUC have significant contribution in the results presented by IDEB.

"The Amazon educational growth at all levels of education demonstrates the excellent work that is being developed in schools of the state. This should, among other factors, programs and projects designed to improve the quality of education, among which are highlighted the "Working Groups - GTs", consisting of training with teachers in each area of ​​knowledge; forming readers, which directly influences the level of learning; and big classes Enem, a magnificent project that prepares students of the capital and the state to one of the main access tools to higher education in the country - the National Secondary Education Examination ", said Secretary of Education, Algemiro Lima.

The IDEB is an education evaluation index, ranging from 0 a 10. It combines information on the performance of students in Brazil Exam or SAEB, with data on school approval. by the window, They are established targets for education and the distribution of resources to municipalities to improve schools. The averages are less than today Brazilian 4. The goal is to note 6 - Average obtained by developed countries - to 2022.

The assessment was created by the National Institute of Educational Studies Teixeira (INEP) taking into account two factors that affect the quality of education: school performance (approval ratings, rejection and abandonment) and performance means.

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