Amazonense Alex Martins World Master bill of Jiu-Jitsu in the United States

Martins showed great fitness and a high technical level to bill the title in the middleweight Master 2.
12/09/2016 16h51 - Updated 12/09/2016 16h51
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Settled in the United States four years ago, Alex Martins fighter, from 36 years, reap the fruits in the "Land of Uncle Sam". No end of August, he won the World Masters Championship Jiu-Jitsu 2016, em Las Vegas. Single manauara on top of the podium in the grand event organized by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF), Martins showed great fitness and a high technical level to bill the title in the middleweight Master 2.

The athlete revealed by Amazonian masters Junior Cardoso and Faustino Pina "has the car" five opponents in the World. First, He won the Kinny Kim Japanese by submission back. After, won by Leandro Silvestre 2 a 0. In sequence, He won a tough battle against Regis Hares (Gracie Humaita) by 5 a 0. in the semifinal, Alex beat Denis Pinto Cyborg by 2 a 0. The consecration came after the victory over Adriano Silva via submission with a choke in the guard.

"There were five severest struggles against the world's best and had to use the right strategy to get out in front and score first in all struggles. I am very happy with my performance in this World, many people know, but in addition to teacher and take care of my business, I have been dedicating myself and training for years for this competition. I can only thank God, my team AMBJJ / Alex Martins Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / Club Pina / JC ", commented the athlete.

Life outside Brazil
Alex Martins lives in Dallas, no Texas, four years ago. In this period, He has won many other titles, as in national competitions in Texas (champion), Austin e San Antonio (tricampeão), California (bicampeão) and Dallas (champion). The Amazon also has international titles in luggage, como o Nova York Open e Las Vegas Open (champion), Super Fights (champion) and Pan American runner-up twice.

With over a cumulative achievement, Martins counts the hours to visit family in Manaus in October. He also said that Amazon intends to take the talent for a season in the United States.

“Em outubro estarei em Manaus para rever a família, amigos e companheiros de treinos de equipe do Clube Pina e do Júnior Cardoso. E, Clear, vou ver as possibilidades de trazer duas revelações manauaras para os Estados Unidos”, concluiu o campeão mundial.

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