Antaq is said against the proposal of the Federal Government which provides for expansion of the Manaus harbor area

CEO of Antaq is not in favor of the proposal in a polygonal area to the bridge over the Rio Negro to Puraquequara.
17/09/2016 12h51 - Updated 18/09/2016 12h22
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The director general of the National Agency of Waterway Transportation (Antaq), Adalberto Tokarski, said, this Friday (16), during a national event on navigation, which is against the proposal of the Special Secretariat of Ports (SEP) to extend the area of ​​the privatized port of Manaus to a perimeter that goes from the bridge over the Rio Negro Puraquequara.

The proposal was discussed at a public hearing on 23 June this year, and strongly criticized by the president of the Agriculture Committee, livestock, Fishing, Supply and Rural Development (CAPPADR) the Amazonas State Legislature (OF-AM), Dermilson Chagas (PEN), which sees the move as fundraising tool.

The idea of ​​SEP was also questioned by representatives of the State of the shipbuilding industry who fear more taxes. Tokarski, who attended the event Mobilization for Debureaucratization Navigation in Brazil, sponsored by the National Federation of Aquaviária Shipping Companies (Fenavega), It was emphatic that the Antaq does not approve the idea and there is already a guarantee that the proposal will not be accepted. “Eu sou a favor de todas as poligonais, now, I am not in favor that do an extremely wide access channel only to find a way to charge shipping companies, particularly vessels carrying passengers. Such vessels use a maximum 5 meters draft, the channel has 5 or 6 meters and was offered no infrastructure that would charge. We do not agree with that proposal. I spoke with the representative of the SEP, I put this concern, and the representative of the SEP has said it will not be that way. I also spoke to the Minister of Transport ", said.

The Port of Manaus is administered by Maranhão Dock Company (CODOMAR), mixed capital company controlled by the Union, who is in charge of the entire project which will define the rules of access to the city of Manaus. Chagas said the positioning of Antaq is important for the review of the SEP proposal and again criticized the measure.

"If the channel is natural and will never need to dredging to take charge here? Charges to dock at the port and that's a fact, but not to this arbitrariness with the people of the Amazon and increase the costs of goods to Manaus. The Antaq is against, the Shipping Federation, rade unions, a ALE-AM e o governo: all are against this measure, so why do this polygonal that leaves no room even for sterndrive go without pay for access? What are buoys that indicate risk to navigation, which are marine. The Port Authority does not invest a penny ", says.

Dermilson Chagas joined, in July, a lawsuit in the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) against the new polygonal. no document, Chagas legally justify the complaint, claiming that n˚ Resolution 3274/14 Antaq, in Article 32, paragraph XV, gives offense to the port facility that does not pay due fee for the use of port infrastructure, in Law 12.815/13, also known as the Ports Law. Also according to the law, the access channel is part of this infrastructure. however, the same resolution Antaq, in Article 33, XXIV, c, is a violation also the fact that the port authority fail to do maintenance on the access channel.

During the public hearing the representative of the SEP, Luiz Estanes, justified initial proposal saying that there were no studies on the river channel and was expecting contestations. "Possibly be reviewed, we had not updated preliminary studies for this area of ​​the river. Do not worry that the polygonal area will not be that great ".

But the representative of the Ports Secretariat was challenged by the Navy commander and responsible for the security of maritime traffic sector, Almir Ribeiro. "We have everything cataloged, is there. The Navy has never been called to be part of this project. Manaus is the distribution center of all that goes to municipalities. By the time any vessel into that area will have to pay ", said.

The lawyer of the company CODOMAR, Vanessa Vieira, the said end of the audience that will not be charged with respect to the inland, including regional craft, boats and rafts. according to her, only large ships and pay only if all interventions such as dredging and signals are made.

"The development of the navigation channel is a legal obligation. We do not beaconing nor maintenance, so there is no charge today. The tariff proposal we sent to ANTAQ is the exemption for all of these passenger vessels, small and inland waterway. Any charges would be made only in cases of ships that are outside of these exemptions, but that's for the future, none of these companies are in the audience would not be charged ", said.

Even so, industry business owners are not sure of the statement. The president of the Association of Private Terminal, Murilo Barbosa, says that in Bethlehem, port also administered by the Union, Charge toll.

"We are totally opposed to polygonal in wet area. This could restrict the area near the port. We have to rethink these considerations the Secretariat of Ports. Say it will not buy is a dubious claim. There in Bethlehem I have associates who were charged because they crossed the channel to have access to their private port and paid 90 cents per ton for years and are now in court. It makes no sense. We are very concerned with the review of the wet area of ​​the port of Manaus ", Barbosa said at the hearing.

The study for the new polygonal organized port of Manaus was made by the Federal University of Santa Catarina and has 200 pages, measure criticized by local experts. "Nothing against the University of Santa Catarina, but not the UAS and I believe that neither Ufam were heard. How do they do a project without listening to local intelligence?”, said the engineer and professor at the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA), Rubelmar de Azevedo Filho.

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