Weapons and foot marijuana are found in Labrea chain after mutiny of prisoners

The prisoners involved in the riot are available for Justice, within the 6th Precinct Interactive Civil Police Labrea (PCL).
29/09/2016 15h33 - Updated 29/09/2016 15h33
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A prisoner rebellion principle of the police station in the municipality of Lábrea, a 702 km from Manaus, It was contained by police late on Wednesday (28). With the group were seized cell, narcotics portions, sidearms and up to a foot of marijuana.

Or delegate Carlos Sena, holder of Police Interactive Police (DIP), It reported that the incident occurred around 20h, after the water pump of the police unit burn, causing lack of water in the unit premises. In this ocasion, police officers working in Labrea were driven to, along with the civil police staff, control the situation in the police station cells.

According to PM information in Labrea, there was an attempt to negotiate with the prisoners, However, the group was not interested in negotiating. military and civilian police officers entered the cells and contained the rebellion. The police carried out the survey of the objects found in the cells and that at least five prisoners will be litigated in flagrant for drug trafficking.

Also according to the police repair the water pump is being provided by Labrea city and in the afternoon the supply will normalize.

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