Arthur falls, Marcelo rises and expands to 15 points advantage in the second round

The research is the DMP / Tiradentes and was published on the morning of Friday (30).
30/09/2016 09h55 - Updated 30/09/2016 09h55
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New research on voting intentions of DMP / Tiradentes published on the morning of Friday (30), It indicates once again that Arthur Neto loses the election to Marcelo Ramos. Or institute, the one who hit the results of the last elections, It shows that Arthur appears in the 1st round with 31,7% of the vote, Against 28,7% Marcelo Ramos, dead heat. No 2nd shift, Marcelo Ramos opens 15 vantage points and wins elections with 57,5% of voting intentions, Against 42,5% Artur. Compared to the last survey, day 23 of September, Arthur fell 33,5% for 31,7%, while Marcelo wavered 29% for 28,7%. It was the lowest percentage of Arthur from the beginning of the election campaign.

According to the survey, Silas House has 7,5%, Jose Ricardo 6,7%, Serafim Correa 6,3%, Hissa Abraham 5,2%, Henrique Oliveira 4,7%, Luiz Castro 1,3% and Professor Queiroz 1%. White and add nulls 5,8% and not say who to vote, 1%.

The DMP survey also shows that the mayor Arthur Neto is the champion in the category rejection. If elections were held today, 32% voters would not vote for Artur in any way, While 18,5% They say they will never vote for Serafim Correa, 8,6% Henrique Oliveira, Marcelo Ramos (8,3%), Silas House (7,9%), Part Abrão (5%), Jose Ricardo (3,5%), Luiz Castro (2,4%) and Professor Queiroz 2,2%.

Ronaldo Tiradentes will to 17h of the day 2 October release of the urn mouth research. And already recorded in the TRE intention to carry out research into the second round. The poll 1000 voters between days 26 a 29 September and is recorded in the TRE-AM in the AM-1098/2016 number. The margin of error is 3 points more or less.

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