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Arthur spent R $ 4,1 million with election campaign and leads ranking of the biggest expenses

Value is three times greater than spending the second place, second TSE data.
Photo: disclosure
Photo: disclosure

In 43 day campaign the candidate Arthur Neto (PSDB) spent R $ 4,1 million in his campaign, and leads the ranking of the candidates who spent over this period. Data are from the Supreme Electoral Court of the Application Registration System (TSE) calculated until Wednesday (28). Or candidate Marcelo Ramos (PR) is the list of the second with an expense of R $ 1.199.855,90. Queiroz Teacher candidate was the least spent with an expense of R $ 2.250. Check out the complete list at the end of the matter.

Of the total expenditure Arthur, R$ 1,1 million were paid to Time Film Production Company. Via Mercosur Consulting and Marketing received R $ 600 one thousand. Other R $ 120,8 thousand were paid to company Ibope Intelligence Research and Consulting Ltd..

The candidate Marcelo Ramos is the list of the second with an expense of R $ 1.199.855,90. Most of R $ 400 one thousand, paid the company Abraham S. Cardoso Communications.

Check out the full list:

  1. Arthur Neto (PSDB) spent R $ 4.165.379,58
  2. Marcelo Ramos (PR) spent R $ 1.199.855,90
  3. Henrique Oliveira (SDD) spent R $ 791.486,03
  4. Silas House spent R $ 689.770,40
  5. Jose Ricardo (PT) spent R $ 175,644.43
  6. Serafim Correa (PSB) spent R $ 165.000,00
  7. Hissa Abraham spent R $ 129,012.00
  8. Luiz Castro (NETWORK) spent R $ 31.923,48
  9. Professor Queiroz (PSOL) spent R $ 2.250,00



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