Arthur sights on Marcelo, and Federal Police sights on Eduardo Braga

Arthur's strategy of trying to associate Omar Aziz and Marcelo Ramos to Lava Jet backfired.
28/09/2016 13h17 - Updated 28/09/2016 13h17
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The wave of political attacks for some time not much like the voter, and the most experienced politicians know that. Yet the re-election candidate, Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB) He risked strategy and tried to associate Senator Omar Aziz (PSD) Operation Maus Paths, Federal Police, a kind of operation under the jet wash. The plan was to tarnish the name of Omar and the first lady Nejmi Aziz (PSD), allies of his main opponent, Marcelo Ramos (PR).

The first attempt was made in a TV interview Amazon. The candidate also tried through the canvass inserts on TV link the case of corruption in the health sector contracts Omar, stating that he supports Marcelo. Arthur made a last attempt during the TV debate Criticism on Sunday.

Mayor Arthur, However, I did not count on the matter Tuesday (27) in the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo connecting Eduardo Braga (PMDB) the case of corruption in a bribery payment scheme in the amount of R $ 30 million involving PMDB senators. The plan backfired.

Eduardo Braga had been cited also in the case of bribery in the construction of Arena Amazônia and other works carried out by the company Andrade Gutierrez in the Amazon. In this new whistleblower lobbyist Milton de Oliveira Lyra Filho, target of the 35th stage of Operation Lava Jato (Omerta) He was arrested for being a suspect to pay bribes to PMDB senators. In another matter the state of S. Paulo published in June, He realizes that "Informant says he paid R $ 30 million Juca, Renan Braga ".

In a note sent on the afternoon of Tuesday all Amazon press, Braga denied any involvement in corruption cases, and he denied the newspaper's allegations O Estado de Sao Paulo that connects the case of corruption in a bribery payment scheme in the amount of R $ 30 million involving PMDB senators.

Arthur in Lava Jato

Arthur also walks through forgetting that has also been cited in vigilantism Operation Lava Jato, in March, and took its name in the list Odebrecht to have received R $ 80 million for his campaign 2010 when he was re-elected candidate in the office of Senator. The amount was received from Leyroz company Caxias Industry, Trade & logistics Ltd., company linked to Odebrecht Group.

At the time Arthur repudiated the association of his name to corruption, and issued note repudiating the list released by Judge Sergio Moro. Arthur ranked list “bizarre” and he stated that the citation of his name in the document was a “undeserved embarrassment”.

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