Arthur Neto tries to hide justice had R $ 5 billion more in city

No arguments to prove that the city is broken, the toucan left for TJ-AM, trying to overthrow the Marcelo Ramos programs.
14/09/2016 18h21 - Updated 14/09/2016 20h51
Photo: Playback / PSDB

The Mayor of Manaus, Artur Neto, trying at all costs to hide from the population and take the electoral program information that shows the balance of the city of R $ 5 billion more in budget compared to previous administration. No arguments to prove that the city is broken, the toucan left for Amazon Court (TJ-AM), trying to overthrow the programs of Marcelo Ramos and Jose Ricardo that reveal the truth.

According to information published in the Official Journal of the Manaus City Hall, Artur Neto, He stated that in these three and a half years has raised over R $ 13.7 billion, while the previous administration, of Amazonino Mendes, the city had R $ 9,7 billion. In a single account, this gives at least R $ 4 billion more cash than the previous management. By the end of the year the sum is $ 5 billion.

The fact that Arthur Neto tries to take the TV is the Manaus City Hall, despite the crisis in Brazil, You have money left in cash, and he did not use in bad faith or administrative incompetence. In exact figures, Mayor Arthur grandson raised: Property tax - R $ 298 one thousand, ISS – R$ 396 one thousand, Transfer of the Government of Amazonas and the Federal Government - R $ 1,8 billion and IBRD Loan - R $ 500 one thousand.

And then Arthur, Where is the money?

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