Arthur suspends blue band at Max Teixeira and demonstrates management without planning

Since its implementation, no last day 22, It created a chronic immobility in the Avenues Max Teixeira and Noel Nutels.
26/09/2016 07h59 - Updated 26/09/2016 17h32
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The incumbent Arthur Neto (PSDB) suspended the blue band Max Teixeira Avenue, North of the capital. The track is suspended throughout the length of the Avenue to Terminal 3 from 0h to Monday (26).

Arthur takes the decision after four days of deployment and range of operation on site, which shows total lack of planning its management and lack of effective engineering studies. Within a week of municipal elections, the current mayor shows muddled attitudes and a real desperation to keep the executive chief post.

Since the band deployment, last Thursday, day 22, It created a chronic immobility in the Avenues Max Teixeira and Noel Nutels, which left the population dissatisfied. The problem affects not only the owners of private cars, but the very pedestrians still have not adapted to the existence of the band. Not to mention the people who lost their lives, victims of traffic accidents after the implementation of misconceived project Arthur Neto.

Check out the full note of City Hall:

“The Manaus City Hall informs that from 0h Monday, 26, Blue Band Max Teixeira, in the north, It will be suspended in all its extension to Terminal 3. After four days of implementation and analysis of vehicle traffic, detected a large retention in this segment and, mainly, na área da Bola do Manoa, which led the mayor Arthur Virgilio Neto to take the decision to suspend until further engineering studies are carried out to the road system of the area. The measure seeks greater fluidity in traffic and does not apply to the Torquato Tapajós stretch and Constantino Nery”.

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