Arthur had disastrous performance in the TV debate Amazon

The current mayor stammered, besides not having responded to virtually any of the questions.
30/09/2016 09h37 - Updated 30/09/2016 09h56
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Mayor Arthur Neto disappoint his allies and his constituents yesterday on the TV Amazonas debate. Arthur gaguejou, He did not respond to virtually any of the questions, He fled the clash with the main opponents, He took pito Henrique Oliveira, attacked opponents and even remembered to ask for votes to make the final considerations.

One of the worst moments was when asked by Henrique Oliveira why he abandoned the suburbs, especially those in Eastern and Northern areas, and asked what work they could mention that held neighborhoods, Arthur and gaguejou, visibly nervous and angry, He said he made five Youth parks, when in fact he made no and only presented a project to the Note area, but that never came to pass. Then, Serafim recalled that Arthur will go to history by putting 300 thousand residents in arrears by SPC to pay the property tax.

Arthur tried during the entire debate to criticize the State Government and to attack Omar Aziz and Jose Melo, its allies until a few days. But he had to hear that signed a contract with one of the businessmen arrested by the Federal Police in Operation Maus Paths. Arthur's city hired David company Azevedo Flowers, who is incarcerated in Federal for participating in the gang that eschewed healthcare resources in Amazon, by R $ 2 million to fight the mosquito Zica and make telemarketing Samu.

Another moment that Arthur was ungrounded was when asked if he did not feel pain in my heart to find a mother in the periphery that do not have child care for the child, when last year promised to build over 120. Arthur did not answer the question, He tried to disqualify the opponent, blamed President Dilma, but he did not explain why not fulfilled the promise. He was confused.

In the final considerations, presenting dyslexic, in addition to worry about storing his main opponent, Arthur tripped over words, gaguejou, and forgot to ask for votes. It was a disappointing performance. Away from a tribune grane, diplomat and who has made historical debates.

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