Arthur Zanetti reaches Manaus to teach lecture and comments on the upcoming Olympics

The Olympic medalist said he plans to "win the third medal in Tokyo '.
01/09/2016 08h22 - Updated 2/09/2016 15h44
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Owner of two Olympic medals, Arthur Zanetti landed in Manaus in the afternoon of Wednesday, day 31, and gave a press conference in the Amazon Arena, located in Constantino Nery. During the conversation, he talked about his recent achievements, the future and also revealed what should be addressed in the lecture minister on Thursday, 1st day, the Professional Physical Education, event held at Club Sesi Worker (crowned), 19h. The action gets Amazonas Government support, via the State Secretariat for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel).

"This is the second time I come to Manaus and I am very happy to have this contact with the Professional Physical Education. I advocate that the athlete should always be concerned with training, because our career is short and it is necessary to aim at the future. I myself am a degree in Physical Education and was one of the best choices I could make, because the course has helped me as an athlete and athlete my experience helps me as a professional ", said Zanetti.

World champion, which underwent an arthroscopy on his left shoulder injury to fix rotator cuff shortly after the Olympics, drew attention because being with a sling, but soon he was keen to reassure fans. According to him, the treatment of the injury is expected to last four months and during this time is not provided for international competitions. The schedule back to normal at the beginning of next year. Besides that, he did not rule out third Olympics.

"This injury will not harm me in any way and it hurt my any presentation at the Olympics. I'm fine and I will work to, who knows, win third Olympic medal in Tokyo ", said the gymnast, to say that one of the Olympic legacy for the sport was the increased demand for sport.

Present at the press, the holder of Sejel, Fabricio Lima, He pointed out that the Government of Amazonas has just delivered a top Gymnastics Center, that leads the Amazon name Bianca Maia Mendonça, and who is pleading with the Ministry of Sports equipment to meet the demand of Artistic Gymnastics and improve the work of Rhythmic.

"I just arrived in Brasilia and there talked to the Secretary of Ministry of Sports High Income, Luiz Lima, and I'm looking for equipment to further improve our Center and I am also extending this search through the Brazilian Gymnastics Confederation. Partnerships are always welcome and this will benefit our athletes and help detect talent. We currently have over 400 gymnasts (GR) and even next year we want to work with the GA and discover other Zanettis ", said Lima.

Also according to the Secretary, aiming at the Olympic training, It is being worked with the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA) a project to train athletes to 2028, using the labor of students and university teachers and sports spaces Sejel. "This project, Olympic Amazon, It is still being worked, but I have no doubt that it will detect great athletes and the way this is: invest to reap rewards. We have to respect the Olympic cycle and know what a champion does not shape overnight ", highlighted.

Marcos Goto
The coach of Arthur Zanetti, Marcos Goto, It is also in Manaus and delivers a talk with the professionals of Rhythmic Gymnastics (GR) and Artistic (GA). The meeting will be held at Amazon Gymnastics Center Bianca Maia Mendonça, in the Olympic Village of Manaus, Dom Pedro neighborhood, Central-West, this Thursday, 1st day, a partir das 14h.

During the press conference, President of the Regional Council of Physical Education (Cref-8), Jean Carlo Azevedo, said Zanetti and Goto as examples of the importance of Professional Physical Education.
"The Zanetti was discovered by a physical education professional and has been with the collaboration of Goto he became an Olympic champion. One is essential to each other and such that training makes a difference in the trajectory of an athlete ", said.

with Zanetti, the Cref-8 increases the number of Olympic medalists athletes who contributed to the advancement of physical education in the Amazon. In previous meetings, They attended the former sprinter Claudinei Quirino and the former captain of the Brazilian national volleyball, Nalbert.

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