Artur lack interview and carries pathetic scene on TV

On the social networks, the absence of the mayor has generated several comments, one of them is that would not have gone in reprisal for the newspaper headlines Criticism criticizing the Blue Range.
29/09/2016 10h56 - Updated 29/09/2016 10h56
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Mayor Arthur Neto, Disputing for re-election, He missed early on Thursday (29), the more a TV show. This time, the program 'Morning Up' presented by the journalist Daniela Assayag, a TV Rede A criticism Calderaro. The candidate should be present at 6 am and, despite having confirmed their participation, even cleared their participation. Arthur was the only one of the nine candidates to attend the TV.

The absence of Artur generated a wave of comments on social networks. Many shared news that Arthur had exaggerated the drink in the previous day and awake with a hangover and unable to face the reporters and cameras. Others, said Arthur would not have gone to the program in reprisal for the newspaper headlines Criticism criticizing the Blue Range.

"It was not because drank too much last night. Tava hungover ", Internet users posted Mario Jorge Oliveira. "Yeah suckled so far. It took too much champagne ", said Fernanda Ribeiro. "A lot of this wave Artur", quipped Marcos Araújo on Facebook. "Arthur was not because're fighting with the Calderaro Network. He does not want to deal with the criticism you've been publishing reports against the city ", speculated Ivone Andrade. "If I were Arthur, Nor would. The Calderaro Network's doing open campaign against the mayor ", sentenced Jacira Mendes. "Arthur is already throwing in the towel. He knows he lost the election and would rather sleep late ", quipped Mario Castro.

The fact is that Mayor Arthur Neto starred in a large cardboard to not attend the interview Live. Journalists have lost the swagger and continued the program by asking questions to the empty chair on transport, infrastructure, transparency, health, corruption and relevant issues.

It was a pathetic scene, that will stay in the political history and the Amazon press. Daniela Assayag and Dante Grace journalist, Adriane Diniz, Aruana Brianezzi and André Alves showed that are professionals, and more than that, different from Mayor Arthur Neto, journalists showed that respect the voter Manaus.

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