Artur Neto spent R $ 2 million to plan Blue Band stopped Manaus on Thursday

The work does not help the population only causes delays, jams and lots of complaint.
22/09/2016 16h53 - Updated 23/09/2016 08h17
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Mayor Arthur Neto paid more than R $ 2 million for the company Vetec Engenharia Ltda performing the studies and engineering projects for the implementation of Blue Belt in Camapuã avenues, Noel Nutels, Max Teixeira e Constantino Nery. More than R $ 2 million to paint a blue stripe on the street. The information is published in the Official Gazette of the City (JUDGMENT) day 25 April 2016.

It Manaus people's money thrown away in a work that does not help the people, on the contrary, cause deaths, jams and lots of complaint!

Today, on the first day of implementation of Blue Belt in the North Zone Blvd., two accidents occurred, with fatality. Retired Francisco Maciel Coelho, from 70 years, He died after being hit in the blue range of the avenue Max Teixeira, in front of the College of Military Police, New City, North Zone of Manaus. Lower, na entrada do Manoa, a woman was also hit in the blue range.

Last year, when the blue band became effective on Avenida Constantino Nery, at least three people died and from there to here lost the number of accidents with injured victims.

Who had to get to work from the streets of the North Zone had to face huge congestion because the fast lane, now owned the Blue Ribbon, It was forbidden to the traffic of private cars. Only adapted bus BRT could move. Detail, a fleet of more than 1500 bus, only 90 run by the blue track.


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