Assembly holds quorum and legislative work, even during election

This effort of parliamentarians has been recognized and praised by the president of Aleam, Mr Joshua Neto (PSD).
07/09/2016 11h49 - Updated 8/09/2016 11h39
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The Legislative Assembly has maintained the normal rhythm of the plenary sessions and votes, despite the fact that seven of 24 state representatives are directly involved in the campaign this year, provided that candidates for mayor or deputy mayor and councilor. This effort of parliamentarians has been recognized and praised early on Friday (2) the president of Aleam, Mr Joshua Neto (PSD), which emphasized maintaining the level of meetings, speeches and legislative work. The highlight was made during the Compensatory Session Friday (2), when they analyzed 11 proposals.

The President pointed out that, even in the election period, the Aleam has played legislative work normally, while Legislative Houses around the country, including the National Congress, They have reduced the number of sessions. "I want to thank here the great efforts of fellow Members, to ensure the quality of the work carried out here. We have had the responsibility and the good sense to keep out of this House, whatever the tone of the election debate. The election debate is going on in the official discussions of media companies authorized by the Regional Electoral Court and the Manaus city streets. Here we are dealing with the State of Amazonas problems ", assured.

As an aside, Deputy Sinésio Campos (PT), President of the Amazonian Parliament, out that it has not missed quorum for sessions, including the Compensatory held on Friday, day in which there is usually no plenary session.
"We have seven candidates deputies and even so we are having recessed white or are reducing day sessions, as it is happening in other assemblies around the country and in Congress ", reinforced Sinésio, explaining that did a survey and found that 90% the Assemblies of other states and Congress, They are reducing the number of regular sessions.

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