Magistrates Association issues repudiating Arthur note of desperation by attacking judges advertisement

The note states repudiation of tactics to attack judges publicly. The toucan is falling in the polls and the response has been despair.
23/09/2016 07h32 - Updated 23/09/2016 15h50
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The Association of Magistrates Amazon (Amazon) issued on the afternoon of Thursday (23), reparation of note in favor of the judges of the Electoral Propaganda Supervisory Commission, Careen Fernandes Aguiar and Lydia de Abreu Carvalho.

The magistrates were attacked by the candidate Arthur Neto (PSDB), that is showing lack, unpreparedness during the campaign, starting to plummet and putting in doubt the competence and seriousness of the work of judges who run electioneering in Manaus, this year.

The legal sector of the toucan's campaign accused the judges of being "permissive’ with the candidate's electoral programs Marcelo Ramos (PR).

Arthur comes through his lawyers presenting a 'flood’ representations against Marcelo, in an attempt to remove the air Ramos programs that present the reality of the situation in which Manaus is. Much of the representations have been denied by magistrates because the legal understanding that Arthur tries to use “claim censorship” with actions. For judges, as Chief Executive Arthur must accept “criticism of his administration”.

the note, Amazon states that have “sure that the guiding principles of the democratic rule of law, It depends on respect for the law, drivers are the actions of magistrates. Having equal treatment to all candidates of the election, keeping exemption in its decisions”

The Association further states, through a public note “repudiates the tactic of attacking judges publicly, with the obvious purpose of trying to intimidate members of the Judiciary.

At the end of the note is signed by the president of the Amazon, Cássio André Borges dos Santos.


The judges also require that Arthur's lawyer suggested that the decisions of them have been permissive prove the allegations, as reported by local newspaper.

For as judges, the lawyer's attitude and all the legal sector of the current mayor campaign shows a clear attempt to disrupt the work of the Propaganda Commission and the despair of toucan.

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