Palocci acting on behalf of Odebrecht “intense and repeated”, says MPF

according to prosecutor, the construction company paid R $ 128 million to an account managed by the former minister of Lula and Dilma.
26/09/2016 11h54 - Updated 26/09/2016 11h54
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In a press to detail the 35th phase of Operation Lava Jato, Attorney of the Republic, Laura Gonçalves Tessler said the former minister Antonio Palocci took acting "intense and reiterated" the defense contractor Odebrecht's interests in federal government. Attorney second, the construction company paid R $ 128 million reais to an account that would be managed by former minister. Palocci was remanded in custody this morning (26) when the Federal Police unleashed a new phase of Operation, called Operation Omerta.

According to Laura Gonçalves, there would be an account intended to receive undue advantage of Odebrecht and Palocci would be the manager of this account. "If there intense and repeated performance of Palocci in defending the company's interests before the federal government involving contracts with Petrobras, conveyed issues and legislation. This performance was given by the agreement and receipt of compensatory measures in favor of the Workers Party. Palocci, It seems, this served as account manager having worked since 2006 until at least November 2013, proven, with payments documented in this spreadsheet ", said prosecutor.

The amounts detailed in the construction of the spreadsheet were registered to “Italiano”, according to the Federal Police (PF). The delegate of the PF, Filipe Pace, He said there is no "doubt" that the "Italian" that appears in the spreadsheet Marcelo Odebrecht is the former Minister Palocci.

The prosecutor Laura Gonçalves stressed that transfers recorded for the Italian not only occurred in elections. "What it reveals more clearly treat bribes, since there was any ongoing campaign to subsidize such payments ", said.

For the Federal Prosecutor, There are indications that Palocci has acted in other cases to defend the company's interests. According to the prosecutor Laura Gonçalves, were nearly 30 Personal meetings between Palocci and company executives, many of them in the house of former minister and his company office.

Laura Gonçalves also states that, even in the course of Operation Lava jet and 2014 e 2015 were checked contacts between Palocci and Odebrecht executives, including the use of encrypted email. "This indicates the possibility that continued these illicit dealings since obviously for meetings for trivial matters do not need to have this encryption concern", said prosecutor.


The lawyer Palocci, José Roberto Batochio, He criticized the arrest of his client, saying that it was a secret way, style military dictatorship. "We are going back to authoritarianism times, arbitrariness. No need to arrest a person has right home, which was twice minister, that can give all the information when subpoenaed. It is because of the show?”, questioned.

He also denied the allegations against Palocci. "This is something absolutely vague, empty. For those who want an excuse, this is an excuse, but the fact is that the Minister of Finance has to have a dialogue with the business sector, with the production chain in Brazil, in order to establish public policies. If a minister talk with someone from the private sector, It is already suspected of practicing crime?”, asked Batochio.

Source: Agency Brazil

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