Banking begin strike and consumers should look for alternatives to pay bills

By category, the strike is indefinite.
06/09/2016 08h56 - Updated 9/09/2016 15h07
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The Amazon bank began a strike on Tuesday (6). The act will reach the operating agencies in Manaus and in the state. The decision was established at a meeting on Friday (3). By category, the strike is indefinite.

According to the Workers Union in Banking Institutions in the Amazon (Seeb-AM), category claims wage improvements, are they: replacement of inflation in recent 12 months (from 9,75%) and real gain 5%.

The proposal of the National Federation of Banks (Fenaban) – rejected by the bank across the country – is reset 6,5% on wages, PLR and meal aid, feeding, creche, and further bonus of R $ 3 one thousand. For workers, acceptance of the proposal would represent losses 2,8% for each bank.

Who account for pay and has no card to use ATM, may rely on the lottery agencies and even department stores that accept the discharge of several accounts. But the customer who needs to withdraw money in the mouth of the box should contact the bank, by phone, and request an alternative, guides association.

Who moves the account online or at ATMs should not be affected by the stoppage, because these services should continue to function normally.

For people who have bills to pay public tariffs, Like water, telephone and power, it is advisable to call the companies and negotiate a payment. The Protest remember that these accounts can be settled at any bank, since the fines tax calculation (if you have already won the payment date) It is agreed with the company itself providing the service.

The bank clearing service is considered essential activity by Brazilian law and can not suffer any downtime. Therefore, checks and DOCs should have compensation in the normal deadlines.

The Protest points out that the consumer is supported by the Consumer Protection Code to blame the establishment, if penalized by charging penalties and interest if you have not, no way, how to make the payment as a result of strike. In this case, the customer must formalize the complaint through a letter to the bank, the manager of the care, reporting the facts and requesting appropriate action. Besides that, adds Protest, the consumer may file a complaint with the Central Bank and look for consumer protection agencies.

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