Bolsa Família beneficiaries donated almost R $ 16 million to candidates and parties

A crossing of data identified that at least 16 thousand people who receive the benefit appear as donors.
23/09/2016 08h12 - Updated 23/09/2016 15h18
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A crossing of data between the register of beneficiaries of social programs of the Federal Government and the delivery system Superior Electoral Court accounts (TSE) identified R $ 15.970.436,50 They were donated to candidates and political parties in the elections this year for beneficiaries of Bolsa Família.

The total amount of storage declared to the Electoral Court to date is over R $ 1 billion and, according to a cross, at least 16 thousand beneficiaries of the social program appear as donors.

A partnership between the TSE and the Ministry of Social Development and Agrarian (MDSA) allowed the crossing of such data, allowing the TSE investigate evidence of lack of economic capacity of donors registered in the register and made donations to election campaigns.

According to the president of the TSE, Minister Gilmar Mendes, it appears that there may be fraud: "Or that person should not be receiving Bolsa Família or is experiencing what we call 'hunting CPF', that is, the CPF manipulation of someone who is innocent in this respect, then all this will be investigated ".

According to the Minister Gilmar Mendes, before the analysis of the accounts was made only days after the election and, now, the Electoral Court is exchanging information with the prosecution, the Federal Police, the Federal Audit Court (TCU), the Council for Financial Activities Control (COAF), the IRS, in addition to the Ministry of Social Development and Agrarian, to analyze irregularities even during the campaign. "Therefore, we are much more comfortable conditions to our role and reaffirm that accountability will cease to be a pretend ", he emphasized.


For the position of councilor, the registered in the Bolsa Família donated, across country, R$ 12.254.281,02. Already the candidates for mayor, the value of the donations totaled R $ 3.511.722,48. Also donations were checked to political parties, totaling R $ 204.433,00. The largest amount donated per beneficiary of Bolsa Família was R $ 67 one thousand.

As explained by the Minister of Social Development and Agrarian, Osmar Terra, are crime evidence yet to be investigated and, therefore, the names of the people involved will not be disclosed.

"Partnering with the Court was very important and, each complaint that, we will investigate to see if people who do not need the Bolsa Família are getting or if the SSNs of these people are being used to commit electoral crime ", said Osmar Terra minister.

Source: TSE

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