"Good provision of public services should be a priority", says Joshua Neto

The MP expressed his opinion during a brief debate on the privatization of Eletrobrás.
14/09/2016 16h37 - Updated 14/09/2016 16h37
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The president of the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard), Mr Joshua Neto (PSD), He said on Wednesday (14), that more important than discussing privatization or nationalization of public services, It is to ensure that these services continue reaching people, and which are provided and. The MP expressed his opinion during a brief debate on the privatization of Eletrobrás, headed by Deputy Sinésio Campos (PT), the plenary of the House.

For Joshua Neto, issues involving the privatization or nationalization are being discussed for years, without consensus. "It's a discussion that largely depends on the service that will be provided, and the factors surrounding each service ". However, he defended, "The most important is to ensure the proper provision of public services, otherwise, alternatives should be adopted ".

Parliamentary used as an example the program "Light for All", program run by Eletrobrás, it took electricity to the most remote communities in the Amazon, but now it faces difficulties expanding and adequate network maintenance. example, according to him, are the difficulties that communities located in rural Manaus, as Deliverance and Our Lady of Fatima, face today. According to him, some areas suffer from constant power outages.

"We see the achievements in the implementation of the power grid these communities. But there are communities that have not benefited. There are communities where the population increased and the network can not handle more. People who spend difficulties and lost food because it lacked energy, the fridge was turned off and the food spoiled. So the important thing is that the person who depends on the service has the service ", strengthened.

Eletrobrás is a state, company controlled by the government, and today is the state of the list that can be privatized by the Federal Government, under the justification of increasing investment and reheat the national economy, still in recession due to the crisis. It privatized, Eletrobrás will be managed by a company, without equity participation of the Union, but bound by contract to meet service targets.

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