Truck is caught making waste disposal to stream margins of Tarumã

The driver of the truck carrying waste tried to escape, but it was soon stopped then.
16/09/2016 14h13 - Updated 17/09/2016 12h14
Photo: disclosure

The inspection of Amazonas Environmental Protection Institute (Ipaam) caught, on the morning of Thursday (15), a truck making disposal of tons of solid waste construction on a plot on the banks of a stream of Tarumã Basin, West of Manaus, considered environmental protection area. The amount of debris was not scaled, but there was wood waste, brick, gravel, cement, plastic, among others.

The inspection team, accompanied by two analysts and two military police officers, checking a sand illegal extraction of denunciation in the Extension Baiano, near the entrance Green Villa, in the neighborhood of Tarumã, when he noticed the striking.

During the approach, tax have stop order to the driver of the truck carrying waste. He tried to escape, but it was soon stopped then.

the tax, the driver told us that the waste came from the retirement home, however, the amount of concrete observed, tax believe that this industrial disposal.

The Ipaam fined the driver for release of solid waste in environmentally protected area, crime under the Federal Law 9.605/ 1998, article 54, and no Federal Decree 6.514/2008.

The environmental agency is investigating the rubble of origin, who was authorizing disposal, well with the owner of the land where it was being dumped waste, to take appropriate legal action against those responsible for environmental crime.

The inspection team reported that this type of situation is common in the region, to be further away from the urban center of Manaus and the offenders believe that will not be noticed by the public.

Disposal of solid waste should be done in landfills, be they public or private, places that require environmental license to operate Ipaam.

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