Campaign "in AFEAM Day" offers debt settlement opportunity to farmers AM

The aim of the campaign is to offer the customer the opportunity to clear his name and, like this, to resume credit for its economic activity.
09/09/2016 14h09 - Updated 9/09/2016 17h30
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In order to offer farmers the opportunity to regularize their debts, the Agency of the State of Amazonas Development (Afeam) spear, Next tuesday, day 13 of September, the campaign "in AFEAM Day". Held in partnership with the Agricultural Development Institute of the Amazon (Execution), the campaign will be launched simultaneously in all municipalities in the state extending to the day 30 December this year.

"Through the campaign, the AFEAM want to offer the customer the opportunity to clear his name and, like this, to resume credit for its economic activity ", says the CEO of the Agency, Evandor Geber Son. He points out that the funding granted by AFEAM inside via Support Fund for Small and Micro Enterprises and Social Development (FMPES) It is with subsidized interest rates ranging from 3% a 8,5% per year, resource that must return to continue promoting economic activity in the state.

"Win producer, to have a clean name and recover the credit to continue investing in their livelihoods, wins the municipality and the state's economy ", defends the president of AFEAM, to note that when a person is unable to negativada financing with any other financial institution. These, in turn, also they lock the credit lines for the city with a high rate of default.

"We know that most of the time, the producer fails to pay, It is not in bad faith, but, by some factor that caused him to lose production, As or climatological, dry or full. It is people who are long past due time and, that is why, You can not borrow again. We are taking this opportunity to clear his name, come in AFEAM rectify the situation, from next year, we can offer the possibility of resumption of funding ", explains the director.

How to participate – To access the campaign, the farmer should seek the unity of the Agricultural Development Institute and Sustainable Forest Amazonas State (EXECUTION) closer, or call center AFEAM of service in number 0800-286-3066 (free call).

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