Arthur's campaign has squandered R $ 4 million and it is already one of the richest in the country

Even with a million dollar campaign, Arthur has been accumulating successive drops in the polls.
16/09/2016 14h49 - Updated 16/09/2016 15h50
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A 15 Election day, the balance of official figures on the Superior Electoral Court website (TSE) confirms the millionaire campaign of re-election of Mayor Arthur Neto. Until now, Artur has hired services of R $ 3,8 millions. Only for the production company that makes TV programs with scenes made helicopter and shows a Manaus Hollywood, Arthur paid $ 1,1 million and R $ 600 thousand for the marketeer campaign, and R $ 100 thousand to production jingles. It is one of the richest in the country campaigns, second only to the candidates of the PT and PSDB in São Paulo.

While Arthur spent nearly R $ 4 millions, your opponents are with modest campaigns. Silas contracted services in the amount of R $ 450 one thousand, Marcelo Ramos and Henrique Oliveira, both of them, R$ 400 one thousand, Jose Ricardo R $ 105 one thousand. Serafim Correa R $ 100 Hissa thousand and R $ Abram 45 one thousand.

Backstage, Experts say that spending the electoral program of Artur, with all effects, aerial scenes, skilled professionals imported from other Member, nationally renowned marketer and graphic material, Arthur's campaign would have overcome the home of R $ 20 millions. "The bulk of the good of unaccounted funds campaign spending, therefore, They do not appear on the TSE website ", says an expert heard by the portal.

The detail is that even with a million dollar campaign, Arthur has been accumulating successive drops in the polls. More of an institute already predicted that Arthur loses to Marcelo Ramos in the second round by a margin of 5%.
One of the campaign's mistakes show a Manaus unreal, summed up just a small part of the center (Eduardo Ribeiro Avenue and City Market) e Ponta Negra, Amazonino Mendes administration's work. Artur program hides the lack of infrastructure in peripheral neighborhoods and when shows the regions of Eastern and Northern zones, uses aerial images.

"In Artur advertising, the streets have no hole, neighborhoods are asphalted, illuminated, water flows in the periphery, there are play areas, schools have plentiful meals and public health and public transport are perfect. This virtual Manaus does not exist, and for lying brazenly, Arthur will lose the election ", dooms an expert in markerting.


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