suicide prevention campaign opens with awareness campaigns on the value of life, In Manaus

The mobilization began on Saturday night, day 10 and follow with schedules until the day 13.
11/09/2016 13h38 - Updated 12/09/2016 07h44
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Public Defender of Amazonas (ECD-AM), in partnership with Psychiatric Association Amazonense (MONKEY), opens in September Yellow campaign, focused on suicide prevention and recovery of life, with leafleting actions on the most common causes of suicide and the possibilities of prevention. The first mobilization took place on Saturday night, 10 of September, World Suicide Prevention Day, and follow with programming on Tuesday, day 13 of September, Amazon in the Legislative Assembly (OF-AM), IS in the day 18, on the beach promenade of Ponta Negra.

On Saturday night, in Largo San Sebastian, Manaus center, psychiatrists, psychologists DPE-AM and public defenders did leafleting to raise awareness of the need to talk about the causes of suicide and seek prevention. The coordinator of the campaign by the Public Defender, public defender Ricardo Trinidad, He said the support of the institution to the cause is due to the fact that suicide is a public health issue, You must have the necessary attention of government.

According to Ricardo Trinidad, the campaign aims to break the silence of the taboo surrounding suicide, so you can identify the causes and treat them appropriately. "It's a very serious issue that is dealt with by the World Health Organization as a public health problem. Unfortunately there is still a big taboo and there is silence on the subject. The view today is whether other, We need to talk about the problem and treat the causes so that we can save the lives of people with suicidal ideations and also help families who have lost someone in an extreme gesture as suicide ", says Ricardo Trinidad.

According to the vice president of the AAP, Gnutzmann Pablo Pereira, talk about the willingness to die reduces the risk of person to kill. "The first thing is to prevent the person who is suffering, thinking of quitting, disappear or die, seek help and talk about it, be with psychologist or psychiatrist or even talk to someone close, share the anguish. Talking about suicide does not encourage suicide, on the contrary. Merely talking about it relieves ", says the vice president of the AAP, which also guides it is necessary to seek medical treatment.

Segundo a AAP, 96% people who commit suicide had untreated psychiatric problems properly. Paul Gnutzmann highlights, among the leading causes, mental disorders, such as mood and depression and those related to alcohol or illicit drugs. Data from the Brazilian Psychiatric Association indicate that in Brazil there, per annum, average, 11 thousand suicides, and the Amazon occupies the 11th place in the ranking of states with the largest number of cases.

Programming in September Yellow - In addition to leafleting, some public buildings receive light yellow in color this month, as the Palace of Justice, the Amazon Arena and Legislative Assembly.

The campaign also will be conducting a symposium of lectures in the auditorium Belarmino Lins, the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (OF-AM), no dia 13 of September, from 9am to 12pm. The lectures will be taught by Cleber Nayef and the vice president of the AAP, Gnutzmann Pablo Pereira, and will address risk factors and ways to prevent suicide. The event is free and open to the public.

no day 18 of September, DPE-AM coordinates leafleting on the promenade of Ponta Negra, a partir das 8h. Participate in the action, social workers and psychologists of the institution and volunteers, besides psychiatry professionals.

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