Campaign for organ donation “September Green” begins on Friday (2)

The goal is to draw public attention to the importance of organ donation.
02/09/2016 09h26 - Updated 2/09/2016 09h26
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The State Department of Health is the official opening of the "Green September" on Friday (02), 17h, at the headquarters of Hospital Adriano Jorge Foundation, the avenue Carvalho Leal, 1778, Cachoeirinha. The campaign, that is allusive to the National Day of Organ Donation (27 of September), will feature a lecture program in schools and universities, throughout the month.

Or target, according to the state Secretary of Health, Pedro Elias de Souza, It is to draw public attention to the importance of organ donation, a simple gesture, more lifesaving.

At the opening of the "Green September", the facade of FHAJ will be illuminated with the color of the campaign. The FHAJ is the unit of Susam accredited to perform liver transplant and being prepared to do kidney transplant. The ceremony will be attended by the Secretary Pedro Elias, the state coordinator of transplants, Lenny Steps, of the Amazon Eye Bank director, Cristina Garrido, and director of FHAJ, Alexandre Bichara.

In the FHAJ, throughout the month of September will be in green color the facades of nine units of Susam - Hospital and Emergency Room João Lúcio, 28 of August, Plato Araújo, Delphina Aziz, Heart Francisca Mendes Foundation, Hospital Infantil Dr. Fajardo, Emergency Room of the East Zone Child, Maternity Ana Braga and Women's Institute Dona Lindu.

They have also joined the initiative of the Federation of Amazonas State Industry and the Legislative Assembly, that will be lit in green campaign.

Programming - The Transplant Center has prepared a schedule of lectures that will be held during the month of September schools and hospitals. no day 11 held the "Green Sunday", 9pm to 12pm, the band released the Ponta Negra. The event begins with the "Walk for Life", symbolizing the act of removal of the transplant waiting list of patients. The programation, in this day, include leisure activities, as zumba class and soccer tournament.

The campaign "Green September" is already part of the official calendar of the State, since last year. According Lenny Steps, the intention is to take information that may sensitize society to this act of solidarity.

Transplants - The Amazon already performs transplants of corneas, liver and kidneys. Kidney transplantation is done, currently, Hospital Santa Julia, private network unit accredited by the Ministry of Health to carry out this type of procedure by the Unified Health System. Now, Adriano Jorge Foundation is also preparing to be accredited and start offering this type of procedure.

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