AM Championship : Rio Negro wins São Raimundo and enters the safe G4 Youth National and South America and maintains leadership

With two goals from Maciel, the Saudade Square Rooster closed the fifth round in third place of the G4.
12/09/2016 07h02 - Updated 12/09/2016 07h02
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The weekend very pleased the local soccer lovers, who had plenty of choice to see the net balance. The efficient performance shown by the Black River on Sunday morning, day 11, the stadium Hill, It was enough for the team to win the São Raimundo by 2 a 1. With two goals from Maciel, the Saudade Square Rooster closed the fifth round in third place in the Youth category G4 Amazonense Championship. The competition receives the Amazonas Government support, via the State Secretariat for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel).

"I'm happy with the team's position in the table. São Raimundo has quality, but we got the points needed to reach the point. Again I made two goals in the match and came out with the victory ", said striker Maciel.

Unlike the last game when the São Raimundo won 4 a 0 the Tarumã, within the Amazon Arena, this time the Typhoon could not keep the pace of won victory in the World Cup stadium and the Olympic Games.

"Unfortunately we made a game situation in training, we managed to keep at the beginning and then we lost the midfield. At the end we had two players sent off and failed to win. If we had a little more time we could even have equalized. Now let us take up the slack in the table to train more ", He justified the coach of São Raimundo, Anderson Vasconcelos.

strong cock

Objectively and exchanging passes, Rio Negro took advantage of the opportunities to win the second victory in the competition. The first goal of the Rooster came to 35, Maciel took the good Triangulation means to attack and puffed the São Raimundo network: 1 a 0.

The second goal of the Rooster came only in the second half. Again, Maciel took the free kick into the area and head sent to the goal: 2 a 0. Even with two players sent off at the end of the match for the second yellow card, Typhoon Hill cashed with Icarus, from the penalty spot, to 46 minutes.

South America thrashes Rio Negro in children

The South America remained in the lead of the child category table by winning the Rio Negro by 5 a 0, the stadium Hill, on Sunday morning. Striker Andrew Castro was the highlight of the match by scoring two goals in the match.

"The game at first it was very difficult. Play with the last place is always tricky because they do not come without any commitment and we have to maintain regularity. It was a good game and we completed the victory ", said striker.

National Safe South America

The meeting leader and deputy leader of the youth category, National and South America, It ended with the draw in 2 a 2, at the end of Saturday morning, day 10, in CT Barbosa Filho. Despite the fight for first place not alter table order, Colina train left the advantage to have a game unless the rival. The two goals of the National, it now has 10 points, They were scored by João Pedro. Lucas Sena and Bruno Cipo made for South America, having eight points.

Author of two goals from the town Lion, defender and team captain, João Pedro, celebrated the good performance, but left the field lamenting the tie.

"It's the first time I have two goals in a match, but lacked more will. We started off through the first and second time and is now working. I believe that the sun may also have muddled as our physical is not 100% good", said the player.

Pleased with the goal that saved the Train, striker Bruno Cipo did not like the team performance, but praised the result. "We lacked more frame in the middle of field, also we create and make mistakes. We had a few chances and I was glad to tie the game. A draw in the opponent's home is important. Now we train to beat the Clippers in the next game ", he said.

Ball decides to stop

Under a strong sun CT Barbosa Filho, Colina train was not shy about being in rival's house and opened the scoring in the first attack. After three minutes, Lucas Sena free kick, He fell below the azulina barrier and stopped in the left corner of goalkeeper Thiago: 1 a 0.

Without feeling the pressure of the goal, the kids Lion tied. to 11 minutes, Luquinha free kick into the area and the captain João Pedro anticipated marking and head tied: 1 a 1. The ball stop also secured second NACA. The steering wheel Luquinha returned to collect missing area and Captain John Peter, once again, secured the goal, this time the turn, to 31 minutes: 2 a 1.

At the beginning of the second half, the train returned to score. Again decisive, the ball stopped was the asset to draw South America. Birinha free kick, the ball hit the barrier and the striker Bruno Cipo took the ball hanging around in the area and puffed network: 2 a 2.

Tarumã enters G4

The victory 3 a 2 on or Netherlands, in Carlos Zamith stadium, secured Tarumã G4. The Wolf North now occupies the third place with seven points. The Netherlands follows in the lantern with three points earned.

Children no draw

In the match between Nacional and Manaus, in CT Barbosa Filho, the Northern Hawk managed to pull out the tie in 3 a 3, at the end of the match, after being losing by 3 a 1. In the stadium Carlos Zamith, the Tarumã beat Netherlands by 2 a 0.

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