Inter Gracie championship is with open enrollment and New Kids Union promises to "collect" event wins

The competition counts several registered academies and has awards 'generous' over R $ 7000.
12/09/2016 16h41 - Updated 12/09/2016 16h43
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Inter Gracie Championship enters countdown to land in Manaus, in the days 24 e 25 of September, Arena Amadeu Teixeira, located on the street Loris Cordovil, Flores. With a little more than 10 days, competition counts several registered academies, which together with their students are hungry for the podium, as well as the awards 'generous' over R $ 7000. The event receives Amazonas Government support, via the State Secretariat for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel).

One of those who has already secured participation is the social project Nova Uniao Kids, what, last Friday, 9, completed 11 years of great history. The teacher and coordinator Karina Dias says more than 50 athletes will be divided among the various championship categories.

"Our intention is that over 50 fighters participate, we aim to 70 and prioritize much this competition, as well as being an event that is very important and promises to be very good technically, he calls attention to the awards to the Absolute, which is something that does not happen often. They will participate athletes from three years to the master ", he explained Karina.

Also according to the black belt, preparation for Inter Gracie is happening daily, in the gym located in the Alvorada. While Karina performs the training of small and young, her husband, Master Márcio Reis, strengthens the team of adults, starting from 18 years. For her, pupils as Samuel Nagai and Lukas Wellington, Juvenile blue belt, as well as Thiago Silva and Junior Nagai, Adult Purple, are examples of strong names and promise good ranking.

"Our athletes are known for good performance and these four students, Samuel, Lukas, Thiago, Junior, typically they perform the final between themselves and take gold. They are so professional, You have no problem to face, They know differentiate the friendship of the competition and face everything with great naturalness and respect. Many of our athletes, inclusive, small arrive here, It has years of academy, and now they are in the adult category, also helping the newest ", Karina completed, proud of 'offspring'.

Visit – In July this year, inclusive, when Kyra, Ralph and Gregor Gracie visited Manaus to launch the Inter Gracie,clan made a visit to the project New Kids Union and gave a aulão the class. for Karina, participation in the event that bears the name of the thickest in the world Hull Family, It is also a thank you.

"When the three of them came here on our project was complete happiness. All were super attentive and the children were delighted and always remember that day. That is why, besides being an honor to participate in the Championship, this is a way to give back all the love we received at that time ", he said.

Gracie Experience – Inter Gracie Gracie is part of the Experience, which brings together a number of shares offered by the most noble family of the gentle art. Before Championship, for example, It takes place on 23 of September, to 18h, a talk with the Master Robson Gracie and at 19:30 a seminar with Ralph and Renzo Gracie, both in the Arena Amadeu Teixeira.

"I, Renzo e Robson, the latter family patriarch, we will be in Manaus next week and this will be the first championship of Ryan Gracie academies of São Paulo opened for Brazil, because there was always a closed championship and was facing the Gracie academies. We made a point of opening this event just in Manaus, by consider the Polo Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and I'm sure will be a success. I count on the participation of all tracks ", said Ralph.

Open for subscriptions
Registration for the Championship, to R $ 40, They can be carried out in the headquarters Fajje, located at Rua Comendador Matos Areosa, number 423, Santo Antonio neighborhood, during business hours. For the seminar and lecture, interested parties should access the link

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