Candidate wants to reduce the number of councilors in the CMM

The reduction aims to reduce costs, however, its effects are more comprehensive, how to qualify the choice of candidates.
21/09/2016 13h37 - Updated 22/09/2016 07h09
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The Federal Constitution, by Article 29, It provides that the municipal legislature is responsible for determining the optimal amount of councilors and Manaus, there is a clear exacerbation in the amount of vacancies, thinking about the candidate for councilor by Democrats, Kleber Romao, intends to propose a reduction in the swelling of the Municipality of Manaus (CMM) on its mandate.

The reduction aims to reduce costs as the country goes through a crisis and that the government of Brazil is one of the most expensive in the world, however, its effects are more comprehensive, how to qualify the choice of candidates, reduce the number of commissioned positions and administrative structure, generating at least saving R $ 80 million for the next legislative term.

Considering that Manaus has over 2 million the candidate's idea is that every 100 thousand, to open a vacancy for councilor.

Kleber for the measure would reduce spending that can be invested in improving the population's quality of life. "Most council members have almost nothing of plausible outcomes for society, only have costs that could be devoted to other priority activities in the capital. The idea is to make an adjustment to the state the cost decrease and elect qualified people that give plausible results ", he explained.

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