Couple suffers overdose, 'turns off’ and child is trapped in car, In the USA

Strong images were released by police to raise awareness about the irresponsibility of caring for children under the influence of drugs.
10/09/2016 16h30 - Updated 10/09/2016 16h33
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A man and a woman were arrested in Ohio, US us, after suffering an overdose in the car while carrying a child. Strong images were released by police to raise awareness about the irresponsibility of caring for children under the influence of drugs.

The case took place in July and was released on Friday (9). in the event, the driver was approached by a police officer who had noticed that he was driving his erratically utility and passed out to talk with authority, according to a recording released by police.

"I made contact with the driver who was later identified as James Acord. I noticed his head bobbing back and forth, his speech almost unintelligible. I also noticed specks in his pupil ", describes the police in the document. According to his account, the driver informed him that he was taking the woman in the passenger seat, that was passed out, for or hospital.
The woman was "completely unconscious and turning blue" and suddenly driver was "completely unaware", says the record. During the conversation, the officer noted the presence of a boy 4 years in the back of the car.

The police then called the medical services. According to him, the paramedics gave the couple a drug known to reverse overdoses. They regained consciousness and were taken to a nearby hospital for care. They received some charges, between them to put a child in danger and intoxication in public.

The police also said that was found in car one yellow piece of paper with a small amount of a rose-colored powdery substance. The boy, which was later identified as the son of the woman in the passenger seat, He was taken to a central support service to children and then handed over to relatives.

Police releases photos

Police in the city of East Liverpool decided to release on his Facebook page a picture of the adults passed out in the car with the child in the back seat to "convince others to think twice before injecting this poison while they have a child in their care".

in posting, police say is aware that images can confront some people, but that the public should know that the police read in their day to day. "The poison known as heroin is present and many communities, not only our, the difference is that we are willing to fight this problem until short and that means we afrontamos some people are prepared to deal with it ", the statement said.

Asked by broadcaster Fox, the police chief said he wants people to be "upset" with images. "People need to know what's going on. This is strong, it is disturbing. I need people to be upset and help us to return to the streets. I need that presidential candidates look at this and tell me what they will do to correct the situation ", said John Lane.

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