If Eduardo Cunha walks outcome after 355 days

His tenure as president of the House of Representatives can be divided into chapters, most of them controversial and troubled.
11/09/2016 14h12 - Updated 11/09/2016 14h12
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The bit of 19 months of rise and fall of Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) harbored significant events in the lounges, offices and plenary sessions of the House.

About to complete 58 -Your years old birthday is on 29-, the PMDB deputy was elected to lead the House after defeat in the first round the official government candidate Dilma Rousseff, in February 2015, and it has since become one of the protagonists of the national political scene.

Political backstage and infamous in the halls of Congress, Cunha anchored his election in parliamentary dissatisfaction against Dilma, on one side, and the network of about a hundred deputies who received funds for their campaigns through the PMDB -he admits driven entrepreneurs to help only the PMDB candidates.

Its management can be divided into chapters, most of them controversial and troubled.

From the beginning the mayor played by land to promise not to be a source of political instability and left for confrontation with opponents.

The government leader in the House, Henrique Fontana (PT-RS), Minister Dilma policy coordination, Pepe Vargas (PT-RS), and the Minister Cid Gomes (Education) They were the first to lose positions.

The wedge strength was such at the time that he announced firsthand the resignation of Cid -confirmada for Dilma in the same day- after the minister launched against him suspected achaque. Mercadante (House Civil), other disaffected, he took a “ice” that made it impossible in office.

In a second move, the PMDB sponsored a high rate of votes in the plenary of the House, beating the project approval record that had not Planalto participation. Contributed the combination of a weakened government to recover the presence of Members.

several defeats were applied to Dilma, whether in the economic field, with subjects that raised federal spending, is the behavior, they spent projects that run counter to the left, such as reducing the legal age of 18 for 16 years in some cases.


It fell to a coming action outside the Legislative or Executive further boost the firsts climbing Cunha management.

Included in the list of investigated on suspicion of involvement in petrolão, the PMDB was the CPI which investigated the case in March 2015. Just standing ovation for almost all colleagues.

In this session, Wedge did not declare “any account” no exterior, that after the revelation of his money in Switzerland became the basis of their process of impeachment, started by PSOL and network representation 13 October 2015.

We 355 days that separate this session representation that Cunha can be impeached, in this Monday (12), he and allies sponsored maneuvers to try to bury the case. Among other actions, the rapporteur was changed and the first vote, canceled.

A failed attempt to judgment with the Dilma government led him to trigger the processing of the PT of the impeachment process in early December 2015.

Cunha worked methodically in politics and regimental driving this process, which culminated with the approval of authorization for the opening of the removal process, in April this year.

Again in an unprecedented way, the Supreme Court decided days later, in 5 of May, remove him from office and mandate under the argument that he used his functions to hinder the investigations against him.

Accused in two criminal cases in the Supreme Court and the subject of other investigations in Court, under the accusation of being one of the protagonists of petrolão, Cunha tries on Monday an unprecedented feat: on the verge of an election in which the deputies are steeped, be the first politician to not lose the mandate since the impeachment vote no longer secret, in 2013.

Source: Folha de S.Paulo

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