Peaceful atmosphere brand game Brazil vs. Colombia in the Amazon Arena

O governo do Amazonas colocou em campo um forte esquema de segurança que garantiu o clima pacífico aos torcedores.
07/09/2016 11h42 - Updated 8/09/2016 11h39
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More of 36,609 thousand people attended Brazil vs. Colombia on Tuesday night, 6 of September, in the Amazon Arena, In Manaus. For the match in qualifying World Cup 2018, the government of Amazonas fielded a strong security scheme that ensured the peaceful atmosphere the fans.

The operation began to be performed at the beginning of the month. Approximately 1,5 thousand servers of health and safety areas are involved. In addition to the Arena da Amazônia, operational radar included the two stadiums used for the training of staff and the hotels where delegations are hosted.

Executive Coordinator of Planning and Management Integrated Security, Colonel Dan Chamber points out that the strategic work follows the same lines adopted for events like the World Cup and the Olympics. Besides the ostensible policing, the action is, about everything, intelligence, with close monitoring and continuous sweep by police. From day 1 or, Command and Control Center is enabled with the task of coordinating the operation.

“We access control people and act as a preventive police, ostentatious and judicial interacting with all the other organs of health and protection are paying service here in the Arena”, said chamber. A total of 36 agencies participating in the operation, including Manaustrans, responsible for traffic.

Organization – With the climate of tranquility, the audience can cheer at will. A microempresária Raquel Assayag, 32, I brought a group of friends Acre and praised the security work. “I found everything organized, Well done, super quiet. I was surprised and want to come in the next games, because in addition to all our Arena is beautiful”, said.

The governor, Flávio Preview, He followed the match and celebrated the success of another major event hosted in the Amazon Arena. “It is important for the Amazon have a game of this round level and it shows a democratic attitude of CBF”, he stressed.

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