CMM analyzes proposal that protects public assets

The statement was presented in May and must be approved by the Chair of the Legislature and then be forwarded to the City.
12/09/2016 15h03 - Updated 12/09/2016 15h03
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The Municipality of Manaus (CMM) should analyze in the coming days indication to the Manaus City Hall proposing to implement educational measures to combat hooliganism in order to contribute to the preservation of public property more specifically statues and busts of personalities.

The author of the proposal is Councilman Ednailson Rozenha (PSDB), which holds the Commission for Culture and the City Heritage Manaus (CMM). The statement was presented in May and must be approved by the Chair of the Legislature and then be forwarded to the City.

The proposal sets, that the shares should be held by the Municipal Department of Education (semed) and will feature lectures by teachers, historians and even political scientists. The goal is to inform children and young people the importance of historical monuments to the culture capital.

Rozenha emphasizes that it is unfortunate to walk the city squares and see most of the statues and busts Amazon Personality abandoned. "Currently, There is a shift value, the preservation of history is not valued because most people are not interested in knowing the history of where they live. Through permanent educational activities in schools can change the consciousness of the new generation ", He defended Councilman.

Knowledge of history
Also according to the proposal, actions and promote awareness for recovery and preservation will provide students with greater knowledge of history and honored, who contributed to the development of the state and capital.

In practice, the statement suggests that, is set a six-month schedule for carrying out actions, which will involve lectures and practical activities to encourage the preservation of public property.

"Unfortunately today there is a certain lack of interest of the residents of our city to know the importance of each monument. Tourists are the most interested. Awareness creates changes in attitudes and education is the way to achieve improvements in all areas of our society. I hope that our statement is reviewed and approved as quickly as possible so that these actions come true ", concluded Rozenha.

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