“passage of charge on T2 is cowardice”, says Marcelo Ramos

Declaration was a critical charging bus ticket in the old Terminal 2.
05/09/2016 22h18 - Updated 5/09/2016 22h50
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The candidate for mayor by PR, Marcelo Ramos, raised on Monday, day 5, the tone of his campaign against the mayor of Manaus, Arthur Neto (PSDB), Disputing reelection.

On the tenth day of advertising, he used the page of your Facebook campaign to accuse the toucan have acted in collusion with businessmen of the city public transport and, "The stage play", It transformed the terminal integration of Cachoeirinha (T2), in the south of the capital, in "a large bus stop".

"He closed the terminal integration when people did not have to pay ticket to change buses. He opened a large bus stop and the citizen (now) to pay two fares to get to your destination. It is a cowardice with public transport users ", said video posted candidate in the early evening.

In the first film that marks the end of Marcelo "peace and love", the candidate says the mayor of Manaus made what he called the "great game scene with businessmen". "He pretended not increased the rate, but ended with the integration ", nudges the candidate.
The video begins with interviews with users who state that the change made by the city in the terminal created confusion and more spending. See the video:

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