Opening in Iranduba, National Traffic Week appeals to young people

An educational blitz took the streets of account, with the distribution of related materials and awareness of drivers.
19/09/2016 17h06 - Updated 19/09/2016 17h06
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Focusing primarily on youth, the State Traffic Department (DMV-AM) held on Sunday morning, day 18 of September, in the municipality of Iranduba (distant 40 km from Manaus). the opening of the National Traffic Week in Amazon. An educational blitz took the streets of account, with the distribution of related materials and awareness of drivers and pedestrians to respect the traffic laws. With the theme "I am + 1 by a traffic + insurance", the campaign extends until next Sunday (25).

According to the CEO of the DMV-AM Leonel Feitoza, Brazil is the country champion in number of young deaths, between 18 e 25 years, by traffic accident. so the week will focus on youth, those preparing to take the National Drivers License (CNH) and those who are entitled to less than ten years. "We want to change this image. We want to especially educate young people to good practice in traffic, so we have a traffic much peace ", said Feitoza, to emphasize that there will be seven days of programming in schools, universities, in the streets, with support from various institutions, as well as educational blitzes and inspections in the capital and in the interior, educating everyone that everyone can do their part.

Iranduba, according to the CEO of DMV-AM, It was chosen for the launch as part of an organ of the strategy to intensify campaigns in the state. But the closure will be in Manaus, with a Sunday event (25) morning in Ponta Negra. "We want to reach, besides Manaus, several municipalities of Amazonas, taking this message, taking our campaign to raise awareness, Above all, that the vehicle is a weapon and when it is not used in the right way you can kill or you die ".

About the blitz of Prohibition, Feitoza said they continue, but not as a campaign strategy. "Prohibition of The raids continue, but what we want is not reproof. We want people to understand and be aware that traffic laws were made to be fulfilled ".

In this Monday (19), the DMV-AM, along with the rest of the country Detrans, It will stop for one minute at noon local time. It will be a minute's silence in memory of the victims of traffic accidents. The proposal was the National Association of DMV (AND) now is now meeting the Mercosur countries.

In addition to the official organs of the State, as the Military Police, through traffic Battalion and the Fire Department, the campaign led to the other partners streets, as the Pedal group Manaus, which calls for society to respect the rider. "It is very important that the State Government, the DMV-AM Figure, perform more actions like this, for what, increasingly, people understand that the bike can be so inserted into the day to day and function as a viable alternative transport. The more bicycles on the streets, fewer accidents, less congestion, less traffic, healthier cities ", said the coordinator of Pedal Manaus, Paulo Aguiar.

in Iranduba, the campaign had the partnership of the Municipal Institute of Traffic and Transportation (IMTTI), the Forest Brigade Group of the municipality and public school students. The CEO of the agency, Max Castro, He praised the initiative and said the campaign is welcome. "We received the DMV-AM team, I brigadiers, the Fire Department, the Pedal Manaus, all segments that come help us with joy, because the municipality of Iranduba is part of the metropolitan region and is connected by the bridge over the Rio Negro, attracting many people contributing to make the complex traffic ", said, to point out that most accidents in the city are still caused by motorcycle.

The mototaxi driver Marcio Almeida, also said grateful for the educational campaign. According to him, not inside, people still have resistance to helmet use. "A people oriented, but most do not like. Says, as it is within the city, You do not need, but you have to use. It is the obligation. Also because we are fined if they do not use ".

The Cleuton Cross driver also was satisfied with the operation. "These operations should take place in all municipalities to raise awareness that not only drive. You must know how to drive. You have to be very careful with the pedestrian and a lot of responsibility. It is a good initiative of the State Government ".

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