For the pension reform, hurry to retire is no better output

People close to reaching the age of retirement have to go to the INSS seek information.
25/09/2016 12h15 - Updated 26/09/2016 08h31
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With the prospect of a Social Security reform, one of the government's priorities of President Michel Temer, some workers are insecure and seeking information in posts of the National Social Security Institute (INSS). for specialists, However, the rush to retire is not the best solution and may even cause damage.

Specialist in Public Finance, Professor José Matias-Pereira, Administration Department of the University of Brasilia, It states that the workers are right to seek information on the conditions of their pensions at the time a pension reform is discussed. But he warns of the risks of a thoughtless decision.

"People close to reaching the age of retirement have to go to the INSS seek information. This is a commendable thing, because, if reform happen and the person is not ready, It may be it will stay much longer in active. Now, people need to lead a balanced way, without haste ", advises.

it highlights, for example, that workers who have not reached the rules of formula 85/95, – allowing escape from the Social Security factor and receive full retirement – out the damage to hasten the departure of the active.

Matias-Pereira recalled that the government has not sent the proposed reform to Congress and the discussions of parliamentarians should be long. "It's a slow process, I imagine that will go through the next year. If all goes well and the government has good ability to drive this issue, let's just set this in the second half of 2017 ", esteem.


Economist Renato Fragelli, Professor of the School of Graduate in Economics from the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV), stresses that, any changes are implemented by the Social Security reform, they will not occur without a transition. The closer the employee is retiring, It tends to be smoother transition, says economist.

"An example of how it might work transition: the guy who could retire on a certain date, for example, to 55 years, I would have to work more 20% time remaining to reach the 65. That is, he would have to work two years longer. For those who are very close [retiring], should be negligible additional time ", evaluates Fragelli.

From January to July this year, the INSS granted 724.324 pensions, according to data available at the Ministry of Welfare website. The number surpasses 9,47% as 661.639 granted from January to July 2015. The period considered last year covers, partially, a strike by the INSS servers, broke out in July.

The report asked the Security the number of new retirement requirements, but the ministry did not provide the information. According to the agency, increases in demand for Brazilian pension in relation to 2015 must be attributed to the strike of the servers, and not to the government pension reform announcement.


Maid Ozima Valerius dos Santos, 58 years, was the INSS recently raise its contribution time. She knows that their payments were irregular frequency. "I started to contribute 1993, but in many instances did not pay, because I worked without being fichada [with a formal contract]. I had times when paying for their own and other, no".

The INSS informed Ozima his contribution time sum about seven years. The option for her would be the age for retirement, mode which provides that women can retire if they have completed 60 years and contributed by at least 15 years. For men, age is 65 years. Another form of retirement, by the formula 85/95, It provides a much greater contribution of time: 35 years for men and 30 years for women.

Ozima account that would complement the pocket the remaining to the 15 years of contribution, so do 60 years. But fears that, with the changes in Social Security, this alternative is compromised. "I think the current way should be better. No one really knows what the government will do ", says.

Ozima states that do not want to wait until the 65 years to retire. The level has been disclosed as the minimum age required by the government, and he was defended by the chief minister of the Civil House, Eliseu Padilha, in an interview with TV Globo earlier this month.

Source: Agency Brazil

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