Fighting fires is reinforced in the Amazon

The actions of burned GT, Last month, resulted in the creation and implementation of Municipal Committees for Fighting Fires.
20/09/2016 13h58 - Updated 20/09/2016 13h58
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The actions against hotspots in Amazonas won strengthened on Tuesday, 20, with the merger of the working group (GT) monitoring of air quality of Manaus and the metropolitan area with the GT prevention, control and combat fires and forest fires in the state. The two groups held separate agendas, under the coordination of the Secretary of State for the Environment (Schema), and from today will work together to the decision-making guidance and creation of public policies for preventing and mitigating the impacts of fires and deforestation.

The merger took place during the meeting of GT burned, Sema held at headquarters, in the Central South zone of Manaus. The idea is to transform the group into a state committee.

According to the holder of Sema, Antonio Costs, the merger is strategic for the implementation of "Plan prevention, control and fighting fires "of the State, and enhance data sharing. "The fighting fires is constant and several partner institutions are committed in this challenge to the state in both groups. The agendas of groups intertwine and it is natural that integration occurs. The work of each member is essential to support decision-making and it ended up opening a range of a policy forum that puts the group unified state service ", highlighted.

Although the integration of the groups, the previously defined schedule remains. In GT the agenda of air quality, for example, It is set to issue daily bulletins on the state of air quality, when the monitoring stations are in operation. The work plan should be implemented in three years starting operations in 2017. It will support the planning against fires with real-time data. The base GT will be concentrated in the Situation Room of Sema, which is already done satellite monitoring of hot spots, windspeed, rainfall, among others, with information provided by the National Institute for Space Research (inpe).

There will be six stations measuring air quality. The University of the State of Amazonas (UEA) already has two operating, the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust) It has a, and the other three should be acquired through the project to be submitted for fundraising and approval of the State Environmental Fund (Fema), the State Environmental Council (Cemaam).

The air monitoring GT was created in June this year with the signing of a cooperation agreement involving eight responsible for conducting the measurement institutions of the actual amount of pollutants and level of toxic gases in the atmosphere in the region. But the GT Fires was created last year and formalized this year.

The actions of burned GT, Last month, They resulted in the creation and implementation of Municipal Committees for Fighting Fires and Wildfires, in addition to the municipal plan against fires with working strategies appropriate to the reality of each municipality, in Labrea, Apuí, Manipur, Humaita, Novo Aripuana, Borba and Nova Olinda do Norte. The action is part of the visitation schedule to the Metropolitan Region of Manaus (RMM), South and Lower Amazon carried out by the technical team of Sema, Ipaam, Fire Department, other members of GT.

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