Against Cash Committee 2 the election will be on the streets on Sunday (2)

The Committee, formed in June this year, It aims to raise awareness about the importance of voting.
28/09/2016 16h11 - Updated 29/09/2016 10h31
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The population has already begun to prepare to exercise their citizen rights next Sunday (2), date in municipal elections taking place across the country. In this day, members of the Order of Brazil Sectional Amazon lawyers will be present in polling stations in Manaus, from 8h to 18h, promoting the monitoring and combating electoral crimes.

The action is an initiative of the Combat Cash Committee 2, coordinated by the Ethics Committee and Political Reform of OAB / AM and composed of members of the sectional, the Union of Professional Journalists in Amazonas State, Regional Accounting Council, Regional Economic Council, Union of Social Workers, among other institutions.

The Committee, formed in June this year, It aims to raise awareness about the importance of voting, in addition to carrying out the surveillance of elections, focusing mainly on the fight against cash crimes 2, characterized by financial transactions not declared candidates, including cash donations, spending on political campaigns, among others.

The inspection team will focus on building the State Treasury Secretariat (SEFAZ) at 8:30 am, and then depart for the Eastern and Northern areas of the capital of Amazonas, chosen to receive the actions of the group. According to the chairman of the committee responsible for the action and Combating Committee Coordinator Cashier 2, Carlos Santiago, These regions were chosen precisely because they have a higher rate of illegalities.

“During our investigations, We detect many problems in the most remote areas of the city, as illegal hiring people to work in campaigns, breach of labor rights, among others. This made us choose these locations to perform the action”, scored attorney.

According to the committee coordinator, if found electoral crimes during surveillance in sections, five lawyers will be available to the population to take appropriate legal action and contribute to the punishment of these offenses.

“The OAB / AM, with the other institutions, It has sought to contribute to the improvement of electoral legislation. We fight for approval of the Clean Record Law, by Law that punishes buying votes, the declaration of unconstitutionality of corporate donation campaigns, among others. Now, we will work in election monitoring and awareness of citizens, seeking always remember that only by voting we can transform politics in the country”, concluded.

Those who had doubts about the action or complaints about electoral crimes may contact the Ethics Committee and Reform Policy OAB / AM by number (92) 99977-9680.

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