Rural communities will receive special attention in the prefecture of Marcelo Ramos and Joshua Neto

The candidate said that in his administration all communities have artesian well and a simple and efficient system of water distribution.
12/09/2016 15h09 - Updated 12/09/2016 15h09
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"The mayor of Manaus can not spend with Rock in Rio while we Cotinha communities doing to build a health post. The mayor of Manaus can not spend money replacing the asphalt of Eduardo Ribeiro by stones while rural communities do not have water wells. The money from the town hall to be used for the people and not for the vanity of the mayor ", said the candidate for mayor of Manaus by the coalition "Change for Change", Marcelo Ramos, during a visit made to the San Sebastian communities, Rural Zone of Manaus, no last Sunday (11).

Accompanied by his deputy, Joshua Neto and Wilson Lima, Marcelo Ramos also visited communities: do Livramento, Sao Sebastiao do Jaraqui, Santa Maria and Three States, where the settlement of the tribe Kambeba.

In Livramento residents complained that the city reduced the opening hours of Basic Health Unit (UBS) and took the Samu unit that functioned as a hub of nearby communities. The lack of infrastructure was complaint in all communities visited.

In the community of San Sebastian, residents complained that the road maintenance work – connecting the community to Agrovila Extension Pau Rosa, In Manaus -, listed as completed and paved by the city, However, the road is still impassable.

"Although small, there is no reason for the city let these people walking on dirt streets. We will end this neglect. The Manaus Prefecture, shamefully, forgotten residents of the Rural Zone. It is unthinkable that Manaus buy banana Roraima and Rondônia tambaqui, while we could encourage rural production of our communities and increase it in school meals of the municipality ", said Marcelo Ramos.

Marcelo said that in his administration all communities have artesian well and a simple and efficient system of water distribution as well as electricity through the program Light for All.

"You can say that all communities have artesian well. Can you ensure that children study in decent schools and not in makeshift sheds. Let's end this lie of the current city hall that there is family health in the Rural Area. The mayor is deceiving the Ministry of Health because communities do not have doctors nor medicines. We will connect the communities to electricity. We have to take care of people and not cheat. We'll be back in 2017 in communities and we will get these people out of oblivion ", said Marcelo Ramos.

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