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21/09/2016 06h22 - Updated 21/09/2016 06h22
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The list is in alphabetical order. Arthur Neto, Luiz Castro and Professor Queiroz did not release schedule.

Henrique Oliveira

7h – preview, Leafleting and gluing – Rua Paraíba with André Araújo – in front of the Kings Enock.

9h – View and Leafleting in da Silveira Marquis Street – near the PM College – San Francisco neighborhood. Following the candidate passes in San Sebastian neighborhoods, Petropolis, Root and Japiimlândia.

16h – View and Leafleting at Av. Freedom, in St. Augustine. Following the candidate visits the neighborhoods Compensates II – Areal and Pantanal Street -, The offsets – Rua São Pedro -, St. George – Waterfall Street -, and Navy – Of. Abrhão next to Casa Felipe.

Hissa Abraham

8h - Commitment to base.

15h - Commitment to base.

20h - Meeting in the neighborhood Our Lady of Grace.

22h - Electoral Program Recording.

Jose Ricardo

5h – Leafleting in the Industrial District, East zone.

8h – Leafleting with "bandeiraço" on Avenida André Araújo, Aleixo, Centro-Sul.

12h30 – Minicomício no Terminal 3, New City, North Zone.

16h30 – Walk in the neighborhood Zumbi 2, East zone.

20h – Meeting with community and supporters in New Town 2, North Zone.

21h30 – Meeting with community of the San Jose neighborhood, East zone.

Marcelo Ramos

12h – Interview – Amazon TV program (TV Amazonas).

17h – walking (Marcelo Ramos) – point of concentration in Street 26 of August, in front of the Assembly of God, Riacho Doce 1.

17h – walking (Joshua Neto and Wilson Lima) – Canumã street, Petropólis.

20h – Meeting with Marcelo Ramos and Joshua Neto – Street 4 with Street 13, next to the Bahia Field, St. Joseph IV.

Serafim Correa

09h to 12 am - Plenary Session.

14h - Meeting Campaign Coordination.

16h - Recording Electoral Propaganda.

19h30 - Meeting in the West Zone.

Silas House

8h – Electoral Program Recording.

10h – Meeting with community leaders.

14h30 – Interview.

17h – walking.

19h – Meeting with community leaders.

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