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28/09/2016 06h13 - Updated 28/09/2016 06h13
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The list is in alphabetical order. Arthur Neto, Marcelo Ramos and Professor Queiroz did not release schedule.

Henrique Oliveira

7h - Bandeiraço and Leafleting at Avenida Boulevard Alvaro Maia

8h - Leafleting and walk on Avenida Leopoldo Perez with President Kenedy, students.

9h – Leafleting and walk in Santa Luzia

9h30 – Leafleting and walk at Rua Inácio Guimarães, students.

16h – Leafleting and walk in the street May 1, neighborhood Presidente Vargas.

17h – Leafleting and walk in the Alley Macedo, St. Gerard

18h – Leafleting and walk on the overpass of Constantino Nery.

Hissa Abraham

9h - Leafleting and bandeiraço on Avenida Joaquim Nabuco (Uninorte).

15h - Commitment to base.

19h - Bandeiraço and leafleting in Djalma Batista Avenue.

Jose Ricardo

8h – Leafleting with "bandeiraço" on Dec Park neighborhood (Of. Carlota Joaquina, Eldorado Ball).

12h30 – Walk minicomício Terminal 2 (Cachoeirinha neighborhood).

16h30 – Walk with leafleting in St. Augustine neighborhood (Of. Freedom).

17H30 – Walk with leafleting in Compensates neighborhood.

20h – Meeting with community at Jorge Teixeira neighborhood.

20h30 – Meeting with community in the neighborhood Campos Sales.

Luiz Castro

08h - Meeting with campaign supporters.

09h - Parliamentary Activity.

14h - Meeting with campaign supporters.

15h - Meeting with community leaders.

17h - Walk Alley Airão.

19h - Meeting the New Israel neighborhood.

Serafim Correa

0900 pm to 12:00 pm - Plenary Session.

1500 pm - Meeting Campaign Coordination.

19h30 - Meeting in the South Zone.

20h30 - Meeting with Community Zone South Centre.

Silas House

7h – Interview.

10h – Meeting with community leaders.

12h30 – Meeting with business leaders.

17h – walking.

20h – Meeting with community leaders.

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