Check out the agenda of the candidates for mayor of Manaus on Thursday (8)

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08/09/2016 07h07 - Updated 8/09/2016 07h07
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The list is in alphabetical order.

Artur Neto

9h – Walk in Citizen Set 5 with Mark Rotts.

17h – Arthur Neto and Rotta do walk in the neighborhood Our Lady of Fatima.

19h – Meeting at the Station 45 (central committee).

Henrique Oliveira

9h30 – Walk in Rio Negro Street, in Mauazinho neighborhood, Sul. Start: in front of the Mercadinho Golden Bread.

16h30 – Walk on Lavender Street, in John Paul neighborhood, East zone. Start: in front of the Mercadinho Paraná.

Hissa Abraham

7h - Interview the program Criticism News.

8h - Commitment to base.

10h30 - Electoral Program Recording.

15h - Commitment to base.

19h - Meeting with leaders on the Mount of Olives neighborhood.

Jose Ricardo

8h – Leafleting with "bandeiraço" in Castelo Branco Avenue, corner street Ramos Ferreira, in Cachoeirinha, Zona Sul;

17h – Leafleting with "bandeiraço" on the avenue Brazil, outside the headquarters of the City Hall, in Compensates, West zone;

19h – Meeting with the community of San Antonio neighborhood, West zone.

Luiz Castro

7h – Recording program for helicopter TV.

10h – Interview with local TV station.

15h – Meeting in Susam.

18h – Meeting with campaign supporters.

Marcelo Ramos

7h – Interview Radio Rio Mar.

7am to 9 am – Marcelo Ramos, Joshua Net'e Wilson Lima do leafleting -on Av. White Castle with Av. Silves, Cachoeirinha.

17h – walking – concentration point on St. Peter Street in front of St. Peter Parish, Petropolis.

Professor Queiroz

9h – external recording of the electoral program.

Late – Electoral program recording studio.

18h35 – Interview for local TV program.

Serafim Correa

9h – recording free election program.

14h – Campaign Rally coordination.

16h – walk zone west.

19h – meeting area south-central.

Silas House

8h – internal meeting.

14h – Election Time Recording.

19h – Meeting with community leaders.

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